Zizi Kodwa allegedly received payments and luxury accommodation worth R2m, according to Zondo Commission

Zizi Kodwa is said to have received payments from EOH.

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  • Zizi Kodwa reportedly received payments and luxury accommodation worth R2 million from Jehan Mackay of EOH.
  • The state capture investigation heard hWe received a million rand in his personal account.
  • Kodwa denied the allegation in a letter to the ANC Integrity Commission.

Deputy State Security Minister Zizi Kodwa reportedly received payments and luxury accommodation worth R2 million from EOH director Jehan Mackay between 2015 and 2017.

This is what Steven Powell, head of forensic investigations at ENSafrica, said Tuesday at the State Capture Inquiry on evidence related to the flow of money.

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EOH commissioned Powell’s law firm ENSafrica to conduct a forensic investigation into IT tender irregularities involving the public sector.

He told the state capture investigation that Kodwa received money from Mackay, sometimes in his personal bank account.

He is making his second appearance before the commission. He was last at the commission in November and was supposed to testify at the afternoon session on Tuesday, but was brought forward after former SAA chairman Dudu Myeni was absent.

“Direct payments”

Previously, he said Mackay paid Kodwa around 400,000 rand.

“What happened next was that the commission assigned bank accounts. During my initial investigation, I only had access to a snapshot of Mr. Mackay’s accounts. , we did a more in-depth analysis of the emails. “

Mackay is a former director of Tactical Software Solutions (TSS), which is on voluntary liquidation, according to Powell. The transactions that Powell testified to originated from TSS.

TSS is not related to EOH.

At the time of the transactions, Kodwa was the spokesperson for the ANC.

Powell told the commission:

Mr. Kodwa received direct payments as well as luxury accommodation for a combined total of R2 million. Mackay and Kodwa corresponded via email over what appear to be ANC donations.

Powell told the commission that on April 28, 2015, Kodwa received a settlement of R 1 million.

“It appears to be a transfer of R 1 million from TSS to Mr. Kodwa’s private bank account.”

A week later, he received an additional R890,000 – a payment Powell believed to be for Kodwa’s car.

In anticipation of the hearing of Powell’s testimony, Kodwa drafted a response to the allegations, in the form of a letter to the ANC Integrity Committee. The letter is dated May 21.

In it, Kodwa said he knew Powell would provide the commission with more evidence against him.

“As I have previously appeared before the Integrity Committee and presented the facts on these matters, the additional information is well covered in my previous submission and, to my knowledge, does not depart from the version of events already presented. in commission integrity. “

He added that he did not face any criminal charges.

“There is no allegation of impropriety that has been made against me, nor have I been criminally charged with any misconduct (sic).”

In a letter to shareholders on Tuesday morning, EOH also responded to Powell’s evidence, saying the company has opened criminal proceedings.

“The EOH’s independent forensic investigation itself is now behind the group, and we have reported suspicions of fraud and corruption to authorities and taken legal action where appropriate. To ultimately be held accountable for them. acts ”, we read in the letter.

Hearings are continuing.

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