Yorkshire restaurants and holiday accommodation providers are reporting cancellations because guests don’t have enough gasoline to get there

Beverley Whites have seen customers cancel reservations because they ran out of gas to get to the restaurant

Whites in Beverley, which appears in the Good Food Guide, today confirmed that two groups of four canceled their restaurant dining reservations because they ran out of gasoline to get there.

The restaurant, which offers a tasting menu, has only 16 seats and is run by Chef John Robinson, who has owned the business for 13 years.

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He tweeted earlier: “Completely understandable but just another example of the very strange times we live in.”

Meanwhile, vacation accommodation provider Runswick Bay Cottages, run by Helen Massey in the popular village near Whitby, has reported requests from guests whose bookings feared they could not be accepted.

She said: “Someone asked me what my policy is if he can’t make it to the chalet because he can’t refuel for the trip. Can someone stop the world… ..I would like to come down please! “

Many Yorkshire forecourts are now closed following long lines after customers mistakenly believed gasoline supplies might run out.

Fuel suppliers insisted that the crisis was overblown and that only a small number of gas stations were initially affected by a shortage of truck drivers which slowed down delivery times.

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