World Tour – A Portuguese Festival

MARY REICHARD, HOST: To come The world and all in it: World tour with our reporter in Africa, Onize Ohikere.

ONIZE OHIKERE, JOURNALIST: Drought in the Horn of Africa—We begin in the Horn of Africa, where aid workers are warning that a perfect storm of multiple crises is fueling an unprecedented famine.

THE AUDIO: [Sounds from Somalia’s streets]

Four consecutive rainy seasons have disappointed in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. Meteorologists predict October rains could also be disappointing. The region is facing its worst drought in at least 40 years.

Clare Nullis is the spokesperson for the World Meteorological Organization.

NULLIS: A large number of experts estimate that 16.7 million people currently face high food insecurity and predict that the numbers will rise to 20 million by September.

The lack of rainfall destroyed crops, killed livestock and forced people to migrate in search of food and water. All three countries report significantly higher numbers of severely malnourished children in treatment centres.

THE AUDIO: [Woman speaking in Somali]

This Somali mother said the drought had killed the family’s cows and goats and left her child malnourished.

The conflict in Ukraine has also contributed to rising food and fuel prices. The World Food Program said its appeal in February raised less than 4% of the funds needed to help the region.

The UN children’s agency has warned that the region will see an “explosion of child deaths” if the world does not look wider at the war in Ukraine.

UK-Rwanda agreement—Then to the UK.

THE AUDIO: [Protesters chanting]

Britain canceled its first scheduled deportation flight to Rwanda on Tuesday evening after a last-minute intervention. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that deportation could cost asylum seekers irreversible harm.

THE AUDIO: [Tour of Hope Hostel, Rwanda]

The deal, reached in April, would see Britain send refugees to hostels in Rwanda instead of processing them in the UK.

Several hundred protesters gathered outside the UK Home Office in London earlier on Tuesday to oppose the plan. They included Jocelyn Watson.

WATSON: We are one world, one people, and we have to take care of all the people of the world with the resources we have to be able to do that. And this country has the resources to take care of people, to keep people here and to help them find a new life.

An appeals court failed to block the policy on Monday. The Archbishop of Canterbury and 24 other English bishops have also written an open letter calling the move an immoral policy that brings shame to Britain.

British officials say the policy will deter arrivals of deadly and illegal migrants across the Channel from France.

Sandstorm in Iraq— We are heading for Iraq, where a sandstorm has hit the streets.

THE AUDIO: [Sound of streets]

The storm reduced visibility over the city and slowed traffic.

More than nine sandstorms have hit Iraq since April. Experts point to drought and deteriorating land conditions as the causes of more frequent storms.

Hospitals continue to admit patients with respiratory problems from sandstorms, while the Health Ministry reported at least one death last month.

Portugal celebrates Saint Anthony’s Day—We end today in Portugal, where people dressed in colorful costumes danced through the streets of Lisbon.

THE AUDIO: [People dancing in parade]

The crowd celebrated the Feast of Saint Anthony, the patron saint of the city. Parade members danced and played music as onlookers cheered them on.

Lisbon has not celebrated the festival for the past two years due to the pandemic.

Paula Cabral was one of the food vendors at the festival.

CABRAL: [Speaking in Portuguese]

She says many people were waiting for the celebration to return to the city.

That’s it for this week’s World Tour. Reporting for WORLD, I am Onize Ohikere in Abuja, Nigeria.

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