What a stay at the Hans Brinker Budget hotel in Amsterdam looks like

Lots of people are trying to save future guests from spending a night in this hotel, one of the best options being a “blind grave” than a room there.

If we embrace who and what they are, then no one can use it as a weapon against them. Almost invariably hotels and hostels around the world want to advertise their quality, there is at least one hostel that goes for reverse psychology (goodbye bad reviews). By many accounts, the hostel really lives up to what it claims. It is not particularly comfortable and sometimes quite dirty.

The young crowd it attracts also tend to be the loud type keen to party the night away and enjoy Europe’s worst Sin City. The hostel is a short walk from the famous red light district which only fuels its reputation. See here for 10 Unforgettable Things to Do in Amsterdam (Not All of the Red Light District).

About Hans Brinker

Right away, Hans Brinker declares:

… honestly not the best, but definitely the most memorable hostel in Amsterdam … you get what you pay for. And because you’re not paying a lot, you won’t get any of the following: a pool, room service, honeymoon suites, a gym, tiny bottles of shampoo, a spa tub, or bellboys in. ridiculous hats.. “

They offer single rooms, twin rooms and dormitories (with an occupancy of 8 people). They say they will never be average (always below) and offer a level of comfort roughly equal to that of a minimum security prison. The hostel boasts that its elevator does not normally break down and the lock on the door does lock.

If you want to contact them, their email addresses are just as humorous, their email addresses include [email protected] and [email protected]

  • Or: Within walking distance of Amsterdam’s red light district

The only thing the hostel has going for it is its location. It is only a short walk from Amsterdam’s famous (or infamous) red light district. Due to its prized location, it actually ranks among the most expensive hostels in the world.

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It has proclaimed itself “The worst hotel in the world”. So they even recommend future customers nicer places to stay in the city – according to the BBC (these recommendations appear to have been removed from their website).

They have recommendations like the Hotel de L’Europe and the Hotel Intercontinental – more luxurious accommodations. They list 16 recommendations to say in the famous Dutch capital of Amsterdam. The latest in their recommendations are:

11: A sleeping bag on the side of the highway

14: And Abandoned Mine Shaft

15: Hans brinker

16: An anonymous grave

The hostel is relatively inexpensive for this expensive part of town, and it manages to be fully booked for most of the year. It caters to students and backpackers for a cheap Amsterdam party and a vibrant hostel spirit in the Red Light District (often hostels’ main draw is their hostel spirit). Turns out they are one of the places to stay in Amsterdam.


They list the facilities they offer. They have breakfast, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, bar and underground bar. They then state that they also have bathrooms, running water, electricity and a partially pleasant view. While the front desk is still there (so it’s a 24 hour front desk) the staff running it are on 8 hour shifts so they may not be there. They also promise miserable awakenings.

It seems there are some survival bunkers in South Dakota that are more luxurious and have a lot more facilities than this hostel!

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Book your romantic weekend deals for not-so-romantic nights.. “

6 Bed Dormitory

  • Cost: 25.00 euros (excluding breakfast) & 30.00 euros (including breakfast)

4 Bed Dormitory

  • Cost: 32.50 euros (excluding breakfast) & 37.50 euros (including breakfast)

Deluxe Twin Room

  • Cost: 105.00 euros (excluding breakfast) & 115.00 euros (including breakfast)

To note: Even the “worst hotel in the world” has a deluxe room

They also have a single room and an “adult room”.

The red light district

Amsterdam prides itself on being progressive and liberal. The Red Light District showcases their values ​​that everyone is only human and wants to engage in various adult activities. It is not a neighborhood well suited to families but it’s the one that draws people from all over the same way as Las Vegas (minus the massive casinos and the opulence of Vegas).

Adult-themed things that may be illegal in other countries are open and accepted there. There are 300 windows with red neon lights highlighting those who work there. Amsterdam has three different red light districts, but the most famous and attractive is the one down the street from Hans Brinker in the city center.

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