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Unfair increase in university fees

The Islamic University of Bahawalpur (IUB) is one of the largest universities in South Punjab where the number of students in different departments has exceeded sixty thousand. Students from remote areas usually opt for this university to get quality education and most students from poor families apply for admission.

Being the only university in this field, it should provide free education to needy and deserving students, but unfortunately, due to a recent increase in admission fees at IUB, it has become a hindrance not for students newly admitted but also for those registered earlier. Many universities under HEC have not raised fees, as IUB has.

The sudden increase in semester and accommodation fees up to Rs 15-20,000 has literally forced parents to terminate their children’s education. Instead of providing maximum scholarships to students in need, the IUB puts the future of students at risk. 3rd and 4th semester students are forced to drop out of school simply because they could not afford the university fees and therefore lost many years. Inflation has already broken the common man and now increasing tuition fees for students day by day also increases the burden. Therefore, the VC of IUB and the Government of Punjab must take immediate action and reduce the admission fee and other expenses. That the youth learn to become a vector of development in the country.


By email

Misuse of the Internet

Internet is a technological tool for people of the 20th century. It is useful especially for students, teachers, doctors, companies, etc. Because the Internet provides them with informative material about what they are looking for. Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t use it correctly. Most young people waste their precious time using Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, tweeting, etc. without any purpose. Due to overindulgence and misuse of the internet, many students have lost interest in their studies. Apart from this, many people open fake accounts on social networking sites and email ids to anonymously threaten and make people worried. Many boys have created girls’ IDs aimlessly and chat with others just to waste time. Abusive use of the Internet is not only a bad habit but also a waste of time. Thus, this technology which has many positive aspects should not be used negatively.


Quetta, Balochistan

The education of Afghan girls

Our religion has emphasized religious and worldly education for both men and women. No society can progress unless girls become doctors, engineers, educators and dozens of other fields. I don’t understand why girls are denied education in Afghanistan? Are tribal traditions more important than Islam? When Malala Yousafzai said girls should be left to study, she was attacked by terrorists. I ask everyone to change their attitude and let their daughters study and be educated in Afghanistan. If girls are educated, they will be against violence and harassment, because education gives you self-confidence.



An emerging flashpoint

The Taiwan dispute has strained US-China relations. As soon as Nancy Pelosi, spokesperson for the United States House, announced her visit to Taiwan, China began to conduct military exercises on its borders with Taiwan and to clearly state that it will not allow any type of American interference in Chinese territory. In the 1980s and 1990s, neither the United States nor the USSR saw China as a major threat. China, with a large population, provided cheap labor, so industries began to move from the West, and in the decades to come, it became China’s strong point. And as China began to grow into an economic giant, a few years ago it launched the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The United States and the Western world have been suspicious that China has brought its own economic system into the world, challenging the decades-old Western capital system.



Love marriage

Why love marriages usually fail despite the fact that couples marry by their own consent and do not involve others. According to a 2019 Gallup survey, 58% of love marriages end their relationship and opt for divorce. The reasons for these divorces are ego, misunderstanding and lack of respect from both parties. According to a report, in Lahore, in 10 days, 500 divorce cases were filed in family courts and the main reasons were domestic disputes and male unemployment. Thus, the so-called love marriage has ruined the lives of men and women. We must be careful in this regard to avoid such episodes in our lives.

Humraz Rachid

By email

Buying property abroad

The people of Pakistan must have read this news with interest that Pakistanis occupy the eighth position among property buyers in Dubai. Property prices in Dubai have risen by 85% in the first six months of this year, according to real estate consultancy Beer. Due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, Russian citizens have invested in large numbers. Indian, British, Italian and French nationals are also among the property buyers. It remains to be seen which Pakistanis are investing overseas as the country has been suffering from a massive economic depression for several decades and the situation is getting worse. Each government claims improvement but borrows from foreign countries and financial institutions to manage affairs.

Under these circumstances, while the country as a whole is suffering from an economic crisis, the government must impose new taxes on ordinary citizens, who are the “lucky citizens” who can use the resources in countries like Dubai? If the citizens of Pakistan came in at the eighth position in purchasing property, that is proof that they cannot be ordinary Pakistanis.

These can be those who have wealth from various sources. After this news, it is the responsibility of relevant government institutions to investigate where these rich got so much wealth and if it was obtained through legal means? Measures must also be taken against them in accordance with the law.


Turbat, Balochistan

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