Veer decides to help Rani

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Rani is crying. She remembers a woman berating her child for failing the exam. Rani says not to hit him. He will become demotivated. If he fails, he has only one option to succeed the next time around. Motivate him. Rani says I also have a way to be successful. Mausa says you’re right. Vijaya couldn’t find anything for a reason. Earn the trust of your family, but with their rights.

Scene 2
Sooraj says Maa is calming down. Drink water. She screams and says I don’t want anything. Sooraj says Radhika will come, don’t worry. She must have a lot of things, she had a test today. I made a cake for her to celebrate our victory. Vijaya says to call her. Sooraj says I did it but she didn’t choose it. Vijaya says you told me she had an exam. Call her again. Vijaya says in her heart that she is lost after yesterday’s deal. Where is she?

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Rani comes to their house. Sooraj says where have you been? I was waiting for you. Please come in. Vijaya says Sooraj was worried, you know he doesn’t like to wait. Where have you been? Sooraj says Maa Radhika must be busy. It’s finally here, I’m happy. He says we are starting to study Radhika ji. Vijaya says to wait a minute. How was Rajeshwari so personal to you? Rani says she was crazy about the land. I gave it to you. Sooraj says we had to burn it, we’re happy. She’s after Radhika now. Let’s go.

Scene 3
Rajeshwari says she has been cheating on us for so long. These cheap people should never be trusted. Vikram says why would Rani do this? Veer said enough Rani sa. I won’t hear a word against her. She did all of this for us. Our happiness, his way may be wrong, but not his intentions. She has done so much for all of us. We couldn’t do any of that. Rajeshwri says but .. Veer says for you that a mistake ruins everything a person has done. But I’m not like that. Rajeshwari says you still get me wrong. Veer says Rani did all of this to get us back what was ours. She can only do this by gaining their trust. Rajeshwair then says what is the law today? Will you help him? Live the leaves.

Rani looks at Veer’s photo and remembers that he was worried about her. Rani says I’ll catch up with him. Vikram comes to Veer and says that you support Rani and then get angry with her? Do you doubt her? Veer says I can never doubt her. Vikram says what’s the problem? Veer says Sooraj and Vijaya are dangerous. Rani gets into trouble to save us. Vikram says she won’t stop. Let her do what she wants and help her in her fight.

Scene 4
I pooped. Pandit ji says that Nandini ji is sitting here. Champa goes mad. I told Nandini to come and sit down. Champa leaves in anger. Nandini does havan with Jai. Jai comes to Champa. She pushes him aside and says you don’t even recognize me in front of everyone? He says you have to have respect for your wife in front of everyone. You know who you are to me. Better remember that. Champa is angry. I am leaving. Nandini says why are you with Jai? He’s my husband. I am stuck. But you are free. Why are you tolerating all of this? Champa says, mind your own business. Nandini, can’t you understand a woman’s pain for being a woman? Don’t waste your life and mine. He won’t give you the love and respect you want. He won’t even name this relationship. Hope you understand what I’m saying. I am in front of you.

Scene 5
Rani says I have to go now. Let’s meet tomorrow. Sooraj says tomorrow? Sooraj says you will live with us. I have exams in progress. Rani says what? Rani says I can’t stay here. I need permission from the hostel. He says you don’t have to go back. Rani says I can’t stay here okay. Sooraj says Radhika is saying you don’t agree with me? Don’t you agree with Sooraj? Rani says, don’t you understand? He angrily breaks things up and says you have to stay here. Rani says what are you doing? Vijaya arrives. Rani says I have to go. He says you won’t go if I say so. Vijaya says if my son says you’re going to stay here, you will. Rani says I have a life, I can’t stay here. I can’t break the hostel rules. Vijaya says you don’t need to be afraid of periods. She says Sooraj is calming down. She will agree. Rani says I have to go back to study Vijaya says you can study here. I can call your hostel. Rani says I can’t stay here. Please understand what I am saying. I can’t agree with that. Vijaya says you’re afraid of your husband, aren’t you? Rani says that is also the reason. She says what’s her name? Rani says I don’t take her name. Vijaya says to give me her number. I’ll tell him about your salary increase. She picks up her phone and says to tell me the number. Rani picks up the phone and says I can’t stay here.

The episode ends.

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