Vaccine warrant protesters in New Plymouth

As thousands of protesters marched from Wellington to Parliament, a smaller group gathered in New Plymouth on Tuesday.

About twenty people were at the intersection of Liardet and Vivian streets from 1 p.m., waving their signs as motorists passed.

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Their action came as the Freedom and Rights Coalition demonstrated in the capital, apparently against the vaccine’s mandate.

About 3,000 people attended, including Hillary Kieft from Stratford.

Kieft said she was not vaccinated because it was her choice. She would be fired without pay from her job on November 15 while working in a girls’ home at a school.


Protesters in New Plymouth Tuesday.

Kieft was planning to hold another protest in Parliament in the coming days. She also participated in a recent protest in Whanganui in which Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern canceled a visit to a vaccination center.

“We will do a lot in the next few days, in the weeks to come, in the months to come,” she said.

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