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Rivers State Governor Chief Nyesom Wike said the massive defection will shake both the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) by December, as politicians realign before the 2023 general election.
The governor said that although defection is an inherent part of the democratic process, those who defected from the PDP lack integrity and character.
He said this during the inauguration of the reconstructed William Jumbo, Ernest Ikoli, Eleme, Akassa, Abana and Mbiama streets in the former government residential area of ​​Port Harcourt last Wednesday evening.
“People are defecting; more will be lacking. Defection is part of our electoral process. While you are defecting, people are entering. There are those who are angry there (at APC), they will come (at PDP). You who are angry here (in PDP), you will go. That’s the game.
The governor stressed that the insinuation that some governors and others who defected from the PDP to the APC were intimidated is not tenable.
He argued that those who decided to leave the ship lack conscience, character and integrity.
“If it’s out of provocation, if it’s out of intimidation, if it’s out of coercion, then Rivers State won’t have been in the PDP.” Because if there is one state that has been intimidated, if there is one state that has been punished by the ruling party, it is Rivers State. Yet no one can push us, no one can intimidate us to leave hope and future for this country, and that is the PDP.
He pointed out that those who claim the PDP has been unfair to them should also realize that the party has at different times wronged Rivers State, which represents its highest votes since 1999.
But despite this, the state remained steadfast and committed to the ideals of the PDP.
“PDP has done a lot of bad things in Rivers State, but I cannot say that we will be leaving PDP. We will be there and fight the war. Rivers State’s interest will be fought inside the PDP, we’re not going anywhere.
“Even if all states abandon the PDP, Rivers State will not abandon the PDP because we are people of integrity, we are people of character. Anyone who has no integrity, who has no character, cannot say that they are from Rivers State. “
The governor observed that it is worrying that some prominent members of the PDP who aspire to run for president and vice-president have remained silent instead of denouncing the maladministration that has characterized the federal government led by the APC. .
Wike rejected President Muhammadu Buhari’s claim that the reason Zamfara State Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle defected from the APC was because of the good things happening in the party.
According to him, “APC has destroyed Nigeria and those who defect from the PDP are leaving a party that offers hope to one that offers none to Nigerians.”
The governor of Rivers State has also accused some state and National Assembly lawmakers of plotting against him and conspiring with foreign forces to undermine the state.
Wike revealed that he was aware of their various clandestine meetings in Abuja and that he warned of the dire consequences if they did not give up on their infamous plan.
The governor said that one essence of getting prominent figures to report and inaugurate projects in the state, especially at night, is to prove to the world that, indeed, Port Harcourt is safe.
He said that although some members of the opposition, including his predecessor and Minister of Transport, Chibuike Amaechi, live in denial of the ongoing infrastructure transformation in Rivers State, Mbiama Street where he (Amaechi ) resides in Port Harcourt is part of the streets just inaugurated.
In his remarks, former president of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Chief Onueze Chukwujinka Joe Okocha, SAN, who inaugurated the reconstructed streets of Old GRA, Port Harcourt, congratulated the governor on the excellent job that his administration performs in Rivers State. .
Okocha urged Wike not to be distracted by the antics of the opposition.
State Works Commissioner Elloka Tasie-Amadi explained that “the reconstructed streets have a combined length of 3.5 km, an average road width of 7.3 m with 5.4 km of surface drains and a 615 m long underground storm drain buried approximately 2.8 m below the surface of William Jumbo Street.
“They all have street lights and are properly signposted for good management and traffic control.
“This project is more than an improvement in the character of the road and its design speeds, but also a major improvement in the character of the neighborhood having a huge impact on real estate value and safety in the area.
“Most importantly, these roads have been built to the highest standards suited to our particular terrain, which guarantee a lifespan of over 50 years, freeing up funds for other needs in the future.

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