University of Lincoln Accommodation Services makes huge donation to help Ukraine crisis

The student housing department has shown generous support in the face of urgent demand for care packages

Last Thursday, Lincoln University Accommodation Services made a huge donation of two truckloads of bedding and pillows to send to Ukrainian support centers, including the Ignite Elim Church Collection for Ukrainians and Lincoln Polish School to be sent to Poland and Ukraine this week.

In addition to quilts, pillows and blankets, accommodation services donated a van of food parcels, also to be delivered to collection centers for Ukrainians. This is to help current Ukrainian civilians who have lost many of their possessions and access to food as a result of the recent attacks.

In a social media post, the team said: “The team is here for anyone who has been affected by recent events.” If there are more requests for donations, the team will open drop-off points for residents who want or can help.

The donation follows the recent vigil held at Lincoln Cathedral, which drew a wave of supporters of the current crisis in Ukraine. The University of Lincoln continues to offer support to all students who may be impacted by the crisis.

The university’s vice-chancellor, Professor Neal Juster, said: “Rest assured that the university community is here to support you and we are thinking of anyone who may be at risk and those in our community who have friends. and family who are directly affected. by these events.

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