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MUMBAI: The standoff for medical students returning from Ukraine seems endless. While Indian authorities have allowed them temporary academic mobility to medical schools around the world, their main university in the host country refuses to part with original certificates and documents unless certain conditions are met – they asked candidates to return to war-torn countries. Ukraine to collect documents.
Several Ukrainian university deans have hinted to students that unless they return borrowed books to the library and hand over hostel laundry, their original documents will not be made public. Most of the students say they left everything behind in their hostels when they were evacuated in February.
Universities like Uzhhorod National Medical University and Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University are asking students to return to class on campus, saying everything is safe there. They even refuse to authorize a transfer.
Urvisha Lalwani, who enrolled in Zaporizhia State Medical University, has now hired a local Ukrainian agent to transport his documents to the Polish border from where they will be shipped to India. “Despite appointing the agent to act on my behalf, the university has not released my documents.” Like her, many hired agents and paid them between $500 and $800 to do the job.
Umesh Gurjar, who advises students wishing to pursue medical studies abroad, said the process was long and could lead to re-admissions as most European medical schools started their academic year on September 1. ” he said.
But getting documents from institutes like Kharkiv National University is proving almost impossible. “There is no water or electricity. All documents such as original Class XII brand cards, credit records, etc. are in buildings without electricity. Once the electricity is restored, they will transfer the documents to the other university where the student will be admitted. But all of this is going to take time,” the consultant said. Madhukant Kaushik.

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