Trip to Iran; All you need to know

I want to share my whole 14 day trip to Iran with you. My intention for this article is first to write my travel memories somewhere as memoir, then maybe it becomes useful for those who want to travel to Iran, especially for girls traveling as me and my travel companion we’re both girls.


  • International flight from Singapore to Iran
  • Iran VOA visa application
  • Domestic flight from Tehran to Shiraz
  • Booking hotels in Iran
  • Iran Transport between cities
  • Daily expenses in Iran for travelers

International flight from Singapore to Iran

Perhaps the international flight was the most expensive part of my trip, as it cost me 990 SGD for a return flight per person. I booked a Turkish airline. The flight lasted about 10 hours with a 1.5 hour layover in Istanbul. Probably if you want to book an international flight ticket to Iran, Turkish airline, Qatar airline and emirate will be your top 3 choices, due to frequent flights to Iran.

Iran VOA visa application

Iran Visa VOA (Visa On Arrival) was the most satisfying part of our trip to Iran. First of all, it was quite a simple and smooth procedure. Despite many negative comments we heard about the Iranian visa procedure, our visa confirmation at Imam Khomeini Airport took less than 15 minutes to issue. Keep in mind that we applied the Iranian visa authorization code in advance and that probably helped us to have a hassle-free procedure at the airport immigration office.

My recommendation for an Iran VOA visa: Apply in advance through an Iranian travel agency or Iran visa portal

Domestic flight from Tehran to Shiraz

As a travel planner, I want to plan my trip personally instead of booking an all-inclusive package tour. so I planned my entire 14 days from the first minute to the last. First, we took a domestic Iranian flight from Tehran to Shiraz. So we can start our exploration of Iran from the bottom up, that is, start from Shiraz and end in Tehran.

We book our domestic flight tickets through an online agency with our credit card in a simple and smooth way. Our tickets were sent to our email instantly and what is even more interesting is that the agency’s customer service contacted us via email before our flight to check if everything was fine with us or no, this amount of support was exceptional.

Booking hotels in Iran

In total I booked 13 nights as below. As a general rule, book hotels in Iran in advance as many of them are in high demand. They will be full a few weeks in advance, so if you are aiming for a specific hotel, I recommend booking a month in advance and not waiting until the last second.

1- Three nights: Niayesh hotel in Shiraz. Amazing staff and worth it.

2- Two nights: Friendly hostel in Yazd. Above average, good breakfast and average WiFi.

3- Three nights: Khajoo hotel in Isfahan. Perfect location and average amenities.

4- Two nights: Noghli house Kashan. The live music show in the courtyard was a great experience.

5- Three nights: Persian Plaza in Tehran. The rooftop view was the best. Clean room and good facilities.

Iran Transport between cities

This is the most luxurious part of my trip. Unlike my other trips, I decided to pamper myself more in Iran and book a driver-guide (i.e. a tour guide who has a car), not only because the distance between cities in Iran is too big, but also I shared the mutual expenses with my friend, so it was reasonable in the end. Booking an Iran tour package would be another great alternative as everything you need is already included.

Having a driver-guide in Iran has many advantages. First, you don’t need to worry about bus or train tickets and matching your route to their departure schedule, second, some attractions like Abyaneh Village, Iranian Desert and Perspolise are located in a remote area and a driver-guide can be a great option.

Alternatively, to spend less money, you can book a daily Iran tour or an excursion to Perspolise (Shiraz) and the Lut desert (Kerman) which will cost you less than a driver-guide who accompanies you the whole way. travel.

Daily expenses in Iran for travelers

In my experience, Iran is generally a cheap destination. Travel costs vary from 30 to 50 euros per day and per person on average (excluding international flights). My venting fees are as below.

1- Hotels 13 nights: 350 Euro per person

2- Domestic flight from Tehran to Shiraz: 31 euros per person

3- Transport 14 days (driver-guide): 200 Euro per person

4- Food, entry and other 14 days: 100 Euro

Total of my expenses (one person) for 14 days (excluding international flight) = 681 Euro

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