Top Hostel Picks for Backpackers in the Country of Georgia

Georgia is a country full of adventure for backpackers, and these hostels are just waiting to add to an already exciting trip.

Georgia is a beautiful little country nestled in the Caucasus Mountains between Russia and Turkey. It is one of the most rewarding destinations to visit and everyone should go there if given half a chance.

Georgia has something for everyone and it has world-class hostels (and bed and breakfasts). These hostels are often frequented by the type of backpacker looking for an off-the-beaten-path (but not too off-the-beaten-path) destination. This is one of the reasons why one should choose to stay in a hostel and not a hotel in Georgia.

Why visit Georgia?

Georgia is an ancient land that is considered the first place in the world to invent wine (which Georgians are very proud of). The country is just perfect for hiking in the mountains, discovering forgotten alpine mountains, and in the case of the capital, Tbilisi, has a stunning old town.

  • Tbilisi: Capital and largest city
  • Visa policy: Visa-free for all Western countries for one year!

Anyone’s tour in Georgia will probably start in Tbilisi. So while there are excellent hostels in other parts of the country (such as the Black Sea resort town of Batumi and the alpine resort of Mestia), these should be the highest on the list of stays.

There are many reasons to visit Georgia, some of them are the people are friendly, the Georgian food is delicious (it was considered the best in the USSR), the landscapes are stunning, the land and the civilization are old, it’s cheap, and it’s little known in the West.

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Envoy Hostel Tbilisi

Envoy Hostel Tbilisi is located in the heart of the Old Town and is perched at the foot of the mountain overlooking the city. The rooftop and location are great selling points and compelling reasons to stay here. You’ll be just a few steps away from where you want to go (even the hot sulfur baths Tbilisi is famous for are just around the corner).

Envoy is a smaller, more welcoming hostel with very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The reception is open 24/7 and there is a great hostel vibe to this hostel.

Point: If you’re coming for the New Year’s celebration, watch the city’s fireworks from the roof of the Envoy

  • Breakfast: Included
  • Atmosphere: Real hostel vibe

Envoy offers a mix of dorm beds and private rooms (without private bathrooms).

Cost of accommodation (high season):

  • Dormitory: $14.50 (six-bed dorm)
  • Standard double room: $35.50 (with balcony)

Another reason to choose Envoy is that they take their touring very seriously. They offer village tours (non-touristy and genuinely authentic) and tours of just about every other attraction you can think of.

Envoy Hostel Tbilisi has a sister hostel in Armenia – Envoy Hostel Yerevan. It is normal for them to organize tours of northern Armenia and help those who wish to travel to Armenia after Georgia.

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Fabrica Youth Hostel

Fabrika is the local word for a factory and the hostel was converted from an abandoned factory in the center of the hipster part of town. Fabrika Hostel Tbilisi is a very big hipster style hostel. It’s quite a contrast to Envoy. While Envoy has a cozier vibe, Fabrika is a mix of much more hotel-like accommodations and a very large, trendy common area with a bar and restaurant.

There are old books, old couch chairs, plenty of street art and a very strong factory-turned-hipster vibe. The lighting is dim and colorful to create a certain ambiance, the lift itself is an experience.

Cost of accommodation (high season):

  • Dormitory: $10.65 (ten-bed dorm)
  • Dormitory: $14.20 (six-bed dorm)
  • Standard double room: $71.00 (with attached bathroom)

It’s a popular hangout for digital nomads from across the city and it’s normally busy in the evenings. It often seems like about half the people here are working on their computers in the large bar/restaurant/common area downstairs.

Fabrika is more of a hostel/hotel hybrid and is a great middle ground for those who want the best of both worlds. That being said, the vibe is more of a hipster hipster cafe than a true hostel vibe.

  • Breakfast: Not included
  • Drinks : Difficult to bring drinks from outside
  • Atmosphere: Trendy hipster vibe

Another thing is that there are not many self catering kitchen facilities and they expect customers to drink from the bar. It could quickly get expensive with drinks and related expenses for those traveling on a budget.

When traveling solo, hostels are normally the way to go for most people. Airbnbs are always an option, but they just can’t beat the hostel vibe.

Nino Ratiani’s guest house

Although not a hostel, Nino Ratiani’s guesthouse, located in the breathtaking and incredibly remote alpine valley of Svaneti, is perhaps the best accommodation choice. Located in the alpine resort town of Metisa, it’s super affordable to have a view of the Alps from your balcony that you might not have thought possible – and never at this price.

  • Private double room: From $27 with private bathroom
  • Premium: There is also an excellent sauna

There’s so much more to Georgia than Tbilisi, and a stay in the mountains in Svaneti couldn’t be more contrasting.

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