Top Doctors Online Platform Scores $ 13 Million In Series B Round

Health technology company Top Doctors has secured $ 13 million (€ 11.2 million) in Series B funding for its online platform, which allows patients to find and contact healthcare specialists. private health.

The round has been led by Impact Partners and ICF Venture Tech II, both of whom will join as shareholders. Top Doctors announces that it will close the 2021 fiscal year with a turnover of more than 16 million dollars (11.6 million euros).


Founded in Barcelona in 2013, Top Doctors has developed its presence in Europe, Latin America and Saudi Arabia.

Its platform allows patients to access a directory of national and international doctors (with more than 90,000 experts from 50 specialties) and the opinions of former patients.

For physicians, the platform provides visibility and brand awareness, making it easier for patients to find them. The SaaS solution includes tools designed to digitize practices, including an online appointment booking system, online consultation services, electronic medical prescriptions and payment solutions.

The platform also supports hospitals, diagnostic clinics and clinical analysis centers in the digital transformation, by integrating with their existing health information systems. Hospitals and clinics can use the platform to offer their patients digital tools such as electronic consultations and an online calendar, or to view a physician’s full history using audited data published by Top Doctors.


Top Doctors says the capital increase will be strategically used to strengthen leadership in its core markets, help people with difficulty accessing healthcare professionals, and help physicians digitize their practices.


Earlier this year, Swedish digital healthcare company secured € 29.5 million in funding to continue its international expansion, expand operations and develop its technical platform to deliver enhanced services for mental health and chronic disease.

Meanwhile, Spanish mobile operator Yoigo has launched a telemedicine service for its customers, offering telepharmacy services and video consultations with family doctors and specialists.


Alberto Porciani, CEO of Top Doctors, said: “According to our internal data, 46% of patients book appointments at clinics outside of their place of residence. In other words, they sometimes travel very long distances for specialized medical consultations. Our service enables people living in less populated areas to find and communicate with world-class medical specialists and access their expertise remotely.

Nicolás Touboulic, Managing Partner of Impact Partners, said: “Top Doctors contributes to reducing unequal access to specialists, by facilitating this access for all and, at the same time, has demonstrated its leadership in the market by combining revenue growth , profitability and profitability. . “

Emilio Gómez Jané of the Institut Català de Finances, said: “When looking for the right specialist it is sometimes difficult to make the right decision with the amount of disaggregated information available. Also, when you find one, sometimes they just don’t fit and you have to look for someone else. Top Doctors simplifies this process and makes access simple and accurate for everyone.

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