These Vancouver treehouse ‘spheres’ are the most unique accommodations in the world

Vancouver Island treehouses are very different from the rest of the world, and they offer magical views of nature and next-level architecture.

When it comes to unique accommodation options, sometimes a person feels the need to get away from it all. The crowd, the constant movement, the blur of everyday life … and even the ground. Right?

In the most literal absolute sense, what we mean by this is a tree house go away. High in the sky, far from the chaos of the ground below. Not everyone immediately realizes that’s an option, but it does – and some of the more unique rentals are on Vancouver Island. These spherical shapes are so intricate that they have been hailed as one of the most unique accommodations in the world, and that is why they are worth spending the night there.

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One with nature

These spherical treehouses are known as the Free Spirit Spheres and currently there are three available for rent. However, these aren’t just any typical treehouse rentals – each one is diverse and entirely its own ‘home’, with spherical details that set it apart from the rest of the world.

For starters, these floating spheres were designed to appear as if they were actually part of the woodland nature that surrounds them. Each is shaped like a nut or a seed and is constructed from cedar or spruce wood. Rather than the design contradicting its surroundings, these spheres fit perfectly among the trees, barely noticeable unless you are intentionally looking for them. The cables that connect the spheres to the canopy of the trees above echo those of the cobwebs, adding a surreal and magical effect to what is already an interesting sight to see.

Creating each sphere takes a page from the Book of Sailboat Building; featuring perfectly curved walls with portholes for the windows. Everything in the spheres has been carefully selected and designed to present foldable functionality, even down to the loft beds which are also slightly curved to suit each space. Reaching each orb is as easy as climbing the spiral staircase that leads to its unusually curved front door which in itself is a thrilling and eerie experience.

The Luna Sphere is the newest addition to the trio of spherical tree houses found in the woods of Vancouver Island. Measuring only about ten and a half feet in diameter, this sphere still manages to have room for five windows, a sofa-style table, and a seating area to one side. On the other, customers can find a small kitchen counter, sink and bench. A hydraulic lift system is responsible for lowering the double bed when it is time to sleep, which is otherwise hidden and out of sight during the day.

  • Approvals: Filtered water, electric heating, two opening windows, cupboards stocked with crockery, tea & coffee fixtures, a speaker system, electric composting toilets.
  • Place: Artificial yellow cedar with a view of the pond, cedars and maple trees.
  • Price / Night: $ 374 CDN / one night, $ 648 CDN / two nights + $ 324 CDN for each additional night.

*The most luxurious option; Luna offers access to a private three-piece bathroom 50 meters outside the sphere in the central public baths.

The first of the trio was Melody, and this fiberglass sphere contains a lot more than it looks. However, the first thing most guests notice about it is the pattern on the outside of the sphere, which features birds in flight, leaving a trail of musical notes behind them. The interior of Melody was constructed in black walnut, with an open plan living space in mind. Five windows and a skylight let in plenty of natural light, along with a small sink, cupboards and a set of crockery. This interior space includes benches and two folding tables, as well as a fold-out bed that can comfortably accommodate two people.

  • Approvals: Purified water, tea and coffee fixtures, electric heater + thermostat, adjustable lighting, private electric composting dry toilets, wired for 120V AC (perfect for those looking for a creative workspace) and built-in speakers.
  • Place: Above a spiral staircase and across a small bridge into a grove of trees.
  • Price / Night: $ 354 CDN / one night, $ 608 CDN / two nights + $ 304 CDN for each additional night.

The Eryn Sphere is made entirely from spruce wood and has been handcrafted to give it a natural look. Similar to Luna, Eryn also has five windows with the addition of a skylight in this 10.5 foot space. The design includes a small sink and fridge, a respectable workspace, a cabinet stocked with crockery, a sofa, and a slightly undersized double bed with the addition of a smaller loft sleeping space (weight limit of 165 lb).

  • Approvals: Filtered water, fixtures for coffee and tea, electric heating + thermostat, and a sound system.
  • Place: At the end of a raised walkway in a grove, then at the top of a spiral staircase.
  • Price / Night: $ 334 CDN / one night, $ 568 CDN / two nights + $ 284 CDN for each additional night.

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