There is hardly any accommodation available in hotels in Montevideo for the dates of the Libertadores and South American finals

The Centenario stadium in Montevideo will be the scene of the Libertadores and Sudamericana finals

The finals of the two most important football tournaments in South America will be held this year in Montevideo. The Copa Libertadores and the South American, whose 4 finalists are Brazilian, will be played at the Centenario stadium.

The final coincides with the opening of Uruguayan borders to foreigners scheduled for November 1.

New grass has been installed, the stands are repainted in blue, the slopes will be repaired and the fences will be replaced. The tracks themselves, after the reform, will carry advertising.

All this, to receive on November 20 at the Centenario stadium in Athletico Paranaense and Bull Bragantino by South Americans. A week later, the Libertadores final will arrive, between Palmeiras and Flamengo.

Beyond the supporters and the teams, in Uruguay there is another sector awaiting this event: the hospitality industry. It is expected to receive a significant cash injection with these events, although it is not just accommodation. It is also gastronomy, merchandising, tourism in general.

“There is already a significant movement” and it is expected that for the dates of the tournaments there will be a “high occupancy”Francisco Rodríguez, President of the Uruguayan Association of Hotels and Restaurants (AHRU), commented Ovation.

He added that there are many requests to book in the east of the country, especially in Punta del Este.. For countries the size of Brazil, staying in a city an hour and a half from the event they will attend is still a close distance.

It is expected that for the dates of the tournaments there will be a full occupancy of the hotel rooms.
It is expected that for the dates of the tournaments there will be a full occupancy of the hotel rooms.

The cause is the low availability that remains in Montevideo. After the pandemic and the crisis in the tourism sector in Uruguay, the capital can now receive around 5,000 tourists in hotels. “In a normal situation, let’s say before the pandemic, we could receive 15,000,” Rodríguez said.

In Punta del Este, almost everything is already occupied by this time, as stated by Martín Laventure in Ovation. The director general of tourism of the municipality of Maldonado, the department where Punta del Este is located added that Brazilian tourists also visit Piriápolis, a town even further east and closer to the border with Brazil.

He even said that this week there were already meetings at the Ministry of Tourism on this subject. “I hope it’s a good week, we need it. There is a wait, logically, it is a good date so that they can stay a few more days. The Brazilians always come, but we don’t know if they are. That’s why it’s important that they get excited and come back, ”he commented.

“In Piriápolis, we usually get more people from Porto Alegre and not from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, for example,” said Nelson Vicente, president of the Piriápolis Hotel and Restaurant Center (CHYRP), in The country. He also estimated that for the city of Piriápolis it could be “a good injection before the start of the season with Brazilians who come from unusual places”.

Flamengo and Palmeiras to play Copa Libertadores final
Flamengo and Palmeiras to play Copa Libertadores final

Martín Laventure stated that We can clearly see the difference in the number of consultations between the date of the Sudamericana and that of the Libertadores. He considers this to be logical given the popularity of the Palmeiras and Flamengo clubs in Brazilian football.


Once the work is completed, the Centenario stadium will be ready to accommodate around 63,500 people. However, the stated capacity for stadiums in Uruguay is 50% of the capacity. Therefore, in principle, around 31,000 people will enter the stadium in each match.


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