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VIJAYAWADA: Taking advantage of the fact that Andhra Pradesh is a microcosm in itself, offering unparalleled tourism potential to investors and tourists, the state government has drawn up a thematic tourism plan. Its goal is to make the state one of the top tourist destinations in the country through sustained investment and strong infrastructure to provide a diverse experience for tourists.

As part of its tourism strategy, the state will offer the themes of rural tourism, agritourism/farm stays, heritage, Buddhism, ecotourism, beach and water tourism, adventure tourism and recreational, religious, culinary, spiritual/wellness and responsible tourism. In accordance with the action plan drawn up by the department, the focus will also be on different themes because each has its own meaning. Rural tourism proposes to popularize the arts and crafts of various regions, thus improving the income generation of artisans.

One of the first steps of the plan will be to incorporate local arts, crafts and cuisine into all major tourism activities in the state. The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Authority (APTA) will set up Experience Centers at each of these locations which will serve as a focal point for creating experiences around arts and crafts. These centers will feature areas with craft history and experiential activities for visitors to try their hand at crafts. The establishment of souvenir shops and the development of basic amenities are part of the plan.

As part of agricultural tourism, APTA will build accommodation in farmland for tourists to experience village life and agriculture. Farm stays will be referenced on AP Tourism’s digital channels. It will develop the villages identified on a public-private partnership (PPP) mode and will organize skills development workshops to train the inhabitants in the various tourism-related activities necessary for the construction of the ecosystem.

As part of heritage tourism, the department will explore the possibility of converting heritage buildings into accommodation units while ensuring the preservation and conservation of monuments. In addition, it will organize heritage walks and tours for students, nature enthusiasts and others. It will also develop museums, in coordination with ASI and the Department of Archeology through infrastructure upgrades, application of augmented reality and virtual reality to enhance the tourist experience, the development of short films to portray the historical and cultural significance of places.

Since Andhra Pradesh has significant Buddhist heritage as it is a cradle of Mahayana Buddhism and has more than 40 significant Buddhist sites, APTA will promote Buddhist tourism to popularize the historical significance of Buddhism in the state and develop special Buddhist tours by connecting all Buddhist sites in close coordination with other states.

The Vizag group consisting of Salihundam, Thotlakonda, Bojjannakonda and Bavikonda and the Amaravati group consisting of Amaravati Stupa, Undavalli Caves and Nagarjuna Konda are important Buddhist tourist groups in the state. tourism is expected to pay rich dividends. Ecotourism will be developed by creating experiences with low impact on the environment and high involvement of local populations.

Equal importance will be given to seaside and nautical tourism, adventure and recreational tourism, religious, gastronomic, spiritual/well-being and responsible tourism. Temple tourism will also be strongly promoted.

Different themes

Rural tourism, Agritourism/Farm stays
Heritage, Buddhist Tourism
Ecotourism, seaside and aquatic tourism
Adventure tourism and recreational tourism
Religious, Cuisine, Spiritual/Wellness, Responsible tourism

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