The Well Known Author’s Corona Vaccine Story | by Hassan Uppal | June 2021

A friend of ours is a “well known” children’s writer and “perfect” for writing short stories. The otherer day he posted a message in which he felt a little uncomfortable since getting the corona vaccine. We’ll never tell the real reason, but sir… we also count on the flying bird. So how could this deal be bad with us? In fact, you and all of us have been on Facebook every day. We looked at a photo of a man with a Corona vaccine. And it’s also a fact that according to our national motto and ethics, we actually pay more attention to the vaccinator than the vaccinator who is really noticeable (according to Pakistani society. To get attention, you just need to be gender sensitive. We are innocent… Shaheen from Iqbal makes a living anyway.) Now these photos are of real nurses or they are made with a model. I can’t say, but when I look at the photos of these vaccinated nurses, I wonder which public hospital nurses are so sweet, delicate and cool that even in white clothes they are cruel. Doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power. It is the first time in the history of the world that a human being has died. Nurses who are very beautiful and have delicate bodies should be given the example of “what just saw them” so that half of the patient’s illness can be healed in the same way. It is another matter if the patient, like us, pretends to be sick just because he is in good health, so that the nurse’s visit will continue, and it is also possible that love one-sided for the nurse He also went to the hospital to be cured of any illness and came back with a love affair.

photo by Hakan Nural at Unsplash

But friends, I don’t know what the formula is, what is the standard by which every government department including hospitals, whether they are state television newscasts or hostess of the air from PIA or other departments. Women are recruited who should be counted in the ranks instead of the delicate rank. Depending on their weight and volume, it is the “delicate” women who set off on a motorbike with their famous husband from a distance. It looks like a horizontal cauldron and its lid … If you have any doubts about our observation, get up now and visit the nearby National Bank. You are horrified to see the women there. The atmosphere will be felt. Get out immediately and go to any private bank nearby. All the miseries of the National Bank will be over. You will be relieved to see the women in the staff of the private bank and you will be happy. Perhaps that is why the introductory slogan of a private bank is “Our Account in Your Heart”. Now it seems that for this you will have to open an account in each bank. You must have understood the difference between women in public and private service.

Anyway, it was about our friend who was very sad even after being vaccinated. The reason for his sadness was that he had also seen beautiful pictures of being vaccinated. Anyway, in every party where gender is critical he is very happy and now his wife is seriously thinking about installing a tracker in him. Before going to the hospital after seeing such beautiful “pictures” of the Corona vaccine, he also put on his best clothes after a cool shave and bath and left for Ben Snoor’s hospital. It was as if his wife had sent him dressed like her own children. He arrived at the hospital grumbling. He had a beautiful face in his eyes and the scene image revolved around a delicate nurse administering the vaccine. He had planned to post it on Facebook. He also had in mind the soft touch of the nurse’s gentle hands. Because now even if he is married, he is deprived of this great opportunity. When he got to the hospital, it took a long time. The queues were visible. They looked together to see if they accidentally came to a utility store or cheap flour stall etc. because those long lines are the way to go. But everywhere they were surrounded by land and water. Seeing the engraver of Gutke’s pack, he became convinced that he had reached the government hospital. Then he also worried about how our nation has become so responsible and aware. That so many people have gone out for vaccines. But they soon realized that this was in fact the result of a government crackdown that the next salary in private and public institutions is contingent on vaccinations. Marta did not know that Misdaq was also part of the queue that was crawling at the speed of lice. Getting into the queue is the cause of the greatest frustration for us Pakistanis. That’s why he was so disgusted but also hopeful. There was a feeling of happiness to come, every human being has that one hope. Barely linked to the hope of this lion, they chained the trees that a beautiful meeting is expected soon. Enjoying some cool and beautiful breezes coming from the distant line of these thoughts and women, it’s their turn. His heart rate had increased a little. The hobby was about to be performed. As if a ferocious virgin entered the marriage hall, in the same condition he entered the vaccination room. As soon as he looked at the vaccinating nurse, the lights went out and he collapsed in the chair in grief. He must have been given a drop of glucose before injecting the vaccine. When something came into his life, the same old and female prison and hostel-shaped nurse stood before him, who would take out the soul and tear the heart. (The late Athar Khan Jedi was very lucky in this matter). Some neighbors tormented the soul and warmed the heart. The message was clear to this killer nurse: “Tell me what to do. Who should I eat? Tha’s vaccine syringe was the arrow with which he was to be martyred. Alas, his fate was where he was injured by the arrow in the eyes and now he was being killed with the syringe spear. She looked at him in horror, but the nurse, who was perhaps the light in someone’s eyes and someone’s heart twenty-five years ago (that was our guess, but it was clear ruins of the building that such a thing would never have happened.)

photo by Hakan Nural at Unsplash

The nurse, to perform her duties, slaps the neck of the chicken seller as if his arm were chained. As a result of this movement, all of her fingers attached to her arm. That he had also spread his nails out like a girl’s earrings. Now our friend’s condition was that a vaccine seemed to be a vaccine for him and the vaccination of five nails seemed to be a sin for Allah. Clear of his face. It was as if he had been vaccinated, not with the corona vaccine. Along with the blood of his desires, he was also tormented by the irritation of his fingernails and the fear of being a nurse. He carried the body of his wishes on his shoulders. They went out. They barely made it home. They weren’t even seated properly yet. Due to receiving home Wi-Fi signals, Facebook messages, etc. have started to arrive. Seeing them, they started to cry over their helplessness. Most of the posts were from the corona vaccinators, with beautiful and cheerful nurses everywhere. Seeing these tender scenes, he put his cell phone aside. Kha and started to say… I don’t believe… I don’t believe… Then, after a while, when his wife brought him back to death, he posted on Facebook that this article had come about objectively. . Is.

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