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The flagship store of the historic Cartier Mall in Dubai
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Cartier’s recently rejuvenated historic Dubai Mall flagship store, where the essence of Middle Eastern influence meets Cartier’s heritage.

Cartier unveiled its recently renovated flagship boutique at Dubai Mall, a benchmark international destination for high-end jewelry, after a 2-year renovation process. Inspired by an oasis in the middle of the desert, the boutique’s sleek new design pays homage to Cartier’s luxury heritage, while celebrating the culture and landscapes of the region.

Cartier has a long-standing relationship with the Gulf region, which dates back to Jacques Cartier’s visit to Dubai in 1912. Since that visit, Cartier’s creations have often drawn inspiration from the arts and heritage of the Arab world, which means that the style of the region is also at the heart of the Cartier style. Today, the two-storey Dubai Mall is the Maison’s largest boutique in the Middle East, spread over 1,000 m². Opened in 2008, it has become one of the 10 most visited Cartier boutiques in the world and is an international landmark that attracts a multicultural clientele of tourists and residents, with staff of 15 different nationalities.

French architect Laura Gonzalez’s opulent new design was inspired by iconic Cartier creations, and the Maison’s style DNA is woven through precious metals and patterns throughout the floors, walls and chandeliers. . Upon entering the boutique, visitors will tread a mosaic floor made up of three colors of glass tiles inspired by a Cartier bracelet, and will be surrounded by shimmering gold marquetry details. This French decorative technique dates back to the 18th century, and the store’s straw marquetry was handcrafted in Paris during 6 months of craftsmanship.

The color scheme creates an oasis in the desert, from subtle sand colors to crisp, vivid greens. The bas-relief at the entrance tells the story of the store, where the Cartier Panther meets camels around an oasis in the middle of Dubai. The crafts are inspired by the local heritage, as well as the natural flora and fauna of the desert, with columns of palm trees and a green inlay representing the greenery of the oasis while a wall of feathers recalls the birds of the desert.

“This new store is more than a commercial destination; it is also a cultural place that celebrates the astonishing universe of Cartier and the region’s rich heritage, and allows us to bring the community together to foster enriching dialogues around art and culture. We look forward to welcoming customers to the boutique, where they will experience exquisite design and craftsmanship while feeling right at home, ”said Sophie Doireau, General Manager of Cartier Middle East and India. To celebrate the renovation, Cartier presented an exhibition of 30 iconic pieces of Cartier heritage on display to the public for the first time in the Middle East. The exhibition featured exceptional historical pieces from the Cartier collection, with jewelry worn by members of the royal family and celebrities.

Inspired by nature, which is at the heart of the Cartier style, the guests also discovered the world of [Sur]Naturel, the latest High Jewelry collection of the House, which reveals a nature more real than nature itself, freed from the constraints of reality. The starting point of this collection is a creative journey linking figuration and abstraction: water, flora and fauna within the framework of the supernatural.

The crafts are inspired by the local heritage, as well as the natural flora and fauna of the desert, with green inlays representing the greenery of the oasis.

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