The campaign is accelerating at PU: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, October 15

With only two days left before the PUCSC elections, the candidates are sparing no effort to attract voters.

Tents set up

Police on Saturday allowed student political groups to set up tents at a designated location (on the road to AC Joshi Library and Gate No. 1).

No more strangers gathered

With only two days left to vote, the deployment of police forces has been reinforced on campus. In addition to carrying out surprise checks in hostels, the police arrested several foreigners from the student center, which organized mini-rallys of all the competing groups on Saturday. “We rounded up several foreigners on Saturday. They did not produce their registration or identification numbers,” a senior police officer said.

In the world of modern technology, the majority of student political parties have deployed their supporters at major intersections and outside the campus department with signs in hand. If canvassing on fancy cars wasn’t enough, supporters of various parties were seen using two-wheelers to campaign for their favorite candidates inside campus.

“It’s a simple, yet unique way to solicit candidates. We have been simply standing at major crossroads for over two days carrying signs of our sign. It not only catches the eyes of the students but also helps us to communicate with them and listen to their grievances,” said Maninder, a supporter of the candidate from Student Organization of India (SOI).

heated exchange of words

In the evening, UP authorities and supporters of Students for Society (SFS) engaged in heated exchanges of words at the DSW office at the student center. The matter was brought under control after police interference. Representatives of the SFS alleged that their presidential candidate had been prevented from going door-to-door at hostels, while authorities maintained that no one was allowed to go door-to-door in motorcades. door in inns.

“SFS presidential candidate Bhawanjot Kaur was campaigning at girls’ hostels No. 3 and 9. The guards at these hostels prevented her from going door to door. SFS activists asked the DSW office about this, but they gave no response,” the SFS said.

“There were clear instructions not to go door-to-door inside the hostels. However, SFS representatives were adamant about this. They came in large numbers to the DSW office and started arguing with us,” said one of the UP officials.

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