The best inexpensive travel accessory

You have booked your tickets and accommodation. Now is the time to think about what to take. Whether you’re hiking in Europe, taking your motorhome on the road, or heading out for a relaxing beach vacation, there are accessories to help you get the most out of your trip.

For example, the Set of 6 Bagail packing cubes are ideal for travelers using suitcases or backpacks. They help you pack efficiently by compressing your clothes and they keep everything organized as well.

What to know before buying an inexpensive travel accessory

Choose accessories suitable for your trip

Nowadays, there is an abundance of travel accessories on the market. Some items are essential for certain destinations, others are designed to save space in a suitcase, and many are simply for convenience or comfort. You don’t need to buy all the accessories, especially if you are on a budget. Think carefully about your trip and ask yourself which products will benefit you the most.

What does your accommodation offer?

The packaging is quite difficult without duplicating the things that will already be provided by your hosting. Many hotels provide towels, shampoo, conditioner, hairdryers and more. You can save money and space for your luggage just by checking what will be provided to you.

When you go on a trip, it can be tempting to throw everything in your bag except the kitchen sink. However, unless you have your own personal porter, you will likely need to carry your own luggage. If your bag is too heavy or too bulky it will quickly become irritating.

Features of budget travel accessories

It’s hard to remember what life was like before the invention of the packaging cube. These lightweight nylon bags not only help you organize your belongings, but also keep everything in place during transport. Living in a cube is so convenient that many people don’t even bother to unpack their luggage when they arrive at their accommodation.

Pocket books are extremely bulky to carry. While not exactly cheap, a Kindle is a lifeline for a roaming bookworm. Plus, you can continue to use it at home for years to come. In addition to your regular reading collection, you can also find Kindle editions of popular guides, such as Lonely Planet Mexico.

Collapsible and reusable water bottles are perfect for long and short trips. Many restaurants and hotels around the world allow customers to refill their bottles for free or at very low cost. In the long run, a water bottle can save you money, and it’s better for the environment than buying a new plastic bottle every day.

Since plugs and sockets around the world vary from country to country, unless you are traveling within the country, you will likely need an adapter. A universal travel adapter will allow you to charge your devices in most countries, but despite the name, it still won’t work everywhere. Check the type of plug in the countries you want to visit and purchase a suitable adapter.

Most travelers rely on their phones for a multitude of functions. They use maps, cameras and the Internet. They play on their phones, they pay on their phones, they book rooms and they book tickets for travel. All of these apps eat away at a phone’s battery. So it’s wise to pack a power bank for recharging on the go.

Cost of economical travel accessories

You can get most travel accessories for under $ 20. Be prepared and do your shopping before you travel – things will be much more expensive at the airport.

Budget Travel Accessories FAQs

How do you keep your belongings safe in a hostel?

A. For the most part, hostel dorms tend to be fairly secure, as travelers typically don’t steal from each other. However, every once in a while you might come across some unsavory characters. Most hostels offer lockers, but you must bring your own lock. It’s also best to pack light and leave all valuables at home. When you go out for the day, take your devices with you in a day bag.

Will my hair dryer work abroad?

A. It depends on your hair dryer and the country you are visiting. Some parts of South America use the same voltage as the United States, 110-120V, however, most of other countries and all of Europe use 220-240V. Most styling tools are designed to work on just one of these voltages. If you are traveling abroad, it is better to buy a dual voltage hair dryer.

What inexpensive travel accessory should I get?

The best of the best budget travel accessory

Bagail 6 Set Packing Cubes: available at Amazon

Our opinion : These cubes make packing, organizing and finding your belongings much easier.

What we like: The set offers six bags of three different sizes to accommodate various items of clothing. Lightweight nylon and mesh construction is durable enough to compress clothing slightly to save space.

What we don’t like: Colored cubes are more expensive than black ones.

Best travel accessory for your budget

Nomader collapsible water bottle: available at Amazon

Our opinion : This water bottle is ideal for climbing a mountain, exploring a city or relaxing on the beach.

What we like: This BPA-free silicone bottle can hold hot and cold drinks, and is dishwasher and freezer safe. It rolls up to less than 5 inches high when empty, so it’s easy to carry around until you can fill it up.

What we don’t like: it does require a bit of cleaning upon arrival to remove any rubbery aftertaste.

Honorable mention cheap travel accessory

Earth Pak waterproof bag: available at Amazon

Our opinion : If you are going anywhere near water on your vacation, this waterproof bag is for you.

What we like: It is available in five sizes from 10 to 55 liters. It is extremely light and easy to store in a suitcase or backpack when not in use. The bright colors make it easily visible and it floats too.

What we don’t like: It might not hold if it is completely submerged in water for long periods of time.

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