The AGP opposes the allocation of housing to officials of the Ministry of Housing

ISLAMABAD: The Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) has raised objections to the allocation of government housing to officials from the Ministry of Housing and Public Works, including Amir Mohiuddin, in an upmarket area of ​​Islamabad.

According to documents exclusively available from Pakistan Today, the AGP in its audit report 2021-22 pointed out that the Ministry of Housing and Public Works allocated government housing to its officials in violation of the rules.

Rule 3(5) of the Housing Allocation Rules 2002 states that a federal employee who owns a home in his own name or in the name of his spouse or dependent children at his duty station does not have entitled to government housing and must be allowed self-rental of the house.

Joint Secretary (Estate) Amir Mohuddin, a BPS-20 officer in the Secretariat, has been allocated government-owned accommodation, House No 13/A, Street No 31, F8/1 Islamabad, effective August 30 2019.

Also, Assistant Secretary (Estate), a BPS-19 Officer of Ministry of Health and Health is the owner of House No. 243, Street No. 13, Black-B, CBR Town Islamabad, but he was allocated government-owned housing. House No F -27, Cat-II, G10/3 Islamabad with effect from 21/01/2021.

The audit observed that records such as the general approval of the Competent Authority Waiting List for the allocation of House No. 14-B, Street 27, F-8/1 Islamabad and the House No. F-27, Cat-II G-10/3 Islamabad were not provided for the audit.

The audit further observed that the allocation of government housing to a government official who owns a house in his own name at the station of his assignment where he resided on the basis of self-hire was permitted under Rules 3(5) of the Accommodation Allocation Rules, 2022.

Similarly, Audit also pointed to the non-transparent allocation of government housing to Housing Ministry Joint Secretary Muhammad Yaseen Shar Baloch, Ministry of Housing, as the ministry in 2019 changed his residential housing from I-8/1 to F6/3 Islamabad.

The audit observed that the letter of award for House No. 19, Cat-II, I-8/1 was not available to the Ministry of Housing. Further, the audit found that the allocation of government accommodation to an officer in January 2019 or even before being posted from Karachi to Islamabad on 05/02/2018 in the absence of allocation letters as well that the general waiting list was irregular.

When contacted, former Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and outgoing CEO of the PHA Foundation, Amir Mohiuddin, said this was an official question to be answered at committee level. Departmental Accounts and PAC.

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