Should more employers provide housing for workers?

Employers offering to help workers find accommodation can be helpful, as long as things don’t start to go wrong.

That’s according to one listener, who was reacting to fast food chain Supermacs offering workers “housing support”.

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Limerick donkey Told noon live we should tread carefully here.

“There is a certain amount of it that I think is precarious.

“Trying to bring in people from overseas, giving them a lot of support as they come in: absolutely fabulous, 100% behind it.

“It’s mainly for long-term staff in Ireland that I would be more concerned about what might happen with that – and where the separation of the relationship is.

“And if they are providing rental assistance…why not just increase the wages they pay?

“If they’re going to put $200 in your rent at the end of the month, why not put $200 in your pocket?”

Áine said your accommodation would depend on your job.

“Things are fabulous at the best of times where you get along well with your job and you get along well with your landlord.

“But…if things start to go wrong, if you’re worried about reporting your heating isn’t working because you’re worried it will affect your working hours…it has the capacity to become a vicious relationship.

“As long as we make sure we go there in an educated way, and as long as the safeguards are in place…I’m all for it.

“But I don’t think people are educated about protections.

“Your home is a much bigger deal than many other benefits you would have, and should be treated more appropriately.”

“They took the risk”

Another listener, Marie, had accommodation provided by her employer in Japan.

She said it was necessary for her to take on the role.

“The language barrier and the cost of finding and securing accommodation would have meant I couldn’t take advantage of this opportunity.

“My employer, by housing me, actually took the risk.

“It meant I could go to Japan and didn’t have any papers or anything to worry about.”

Marie said it may be a safer option.

“If you are looking for accommodation abroad, you risk being scammed, you don’t know if it’s genuine, you must not see it before.

“If something had gone wrong, or if I wasn’t happy, I guess I could have looked for an alternative [accommodation].

“It’s easier to look for alternative accommodation if you have a roof over your head.”

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