Sarajevo subsidizes hotel accommodation for 2,000 tourists from Serbia

As a sign of gratitude for the donation of coronavirus vaccines to the canton of Sarajevo (CS), the CS Tourism Office has prepared a subsidy program for tourist accommodation and catering services with the electronic code “Holidays in Sarajevo “.

As it was said from the CS Tourist Board, in this way, CS wants to symbolically reimburse the government of the Republic of Serbia.

“In order to increase the number of tourist arrivals during the summer tourist season and the resumption of tourism, the CS government and the CS Tourism Board will subsidize tourist and catering services in the CS area for tourists from Serbia” , announced the CS. Tourist Office.

They stated that the grant will be implemented through protected electronic codes intended for the use of tourist and hotel accommodation for 2,000 tourists, citizens of Serbia, whose name list is submitted by the government of the Republic. from Serbia.

“People from the submitted list will be able to book accommodation in the CS in one of the tourist accommodation and catering establishments on the list, which will be selected via a public invitation published by the CS Tourism Office,” said they declared.

It was pointed out that the list of selected accommodation establishments will be available through the “Holidays in Sarajevo” online platform.

“The online platform that will be integrated into the website of the CS Tourism Office will be accessible only to citizens of the submitted list, so they will have approved access and thus will be able to request tourist accommodation. -hotel in CS called ‘Holidays in Sarajevo’, ”they stressed.

They stressed that electronic codes should be used in the period from July 1 to December 30, 2021.

“The right to participate in the public invitation announced by the CS Tourism Office is provided for commercial entities that provide catering services in tourist facilities and catering for accommodation, in accordance with the regulations governing the area catering ”, underlined the CS Tourist Office, written.

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