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NEW YORK, NY, July 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – ILUS International Inc (OTC: ILUS) is moving forward with another key phase of expansion after achieving a number of important goals in the second quarter in its global M&A strategy to acquire and develop companies technological.

After having linked its two acquisitions in the first quarter with a third in the second quarter (BCD Fire), ILUS International (ILUS) anticipates a solid third quarter, with several other acquisitions, including one in the United States, which is nearing completion.

In the United Arab Emirates, the company has now started production after moving to its new factory in Dubai and is in the process of ISO9001 and 140001 certification. The factory includes a new vehicle body manufacturing division that uses a specialized copolymer plastic to manufacture bodies for fire trucks and ambulances.

The importance of plastic fire truck superstructures, which are already the norm in the UK and much of Europe, is that they are lighter in weight, recyclable and relatively inexpensive in terms of maintenance and cost.

The company’s new plant in Dubai is said to be the only plastic vehicle production plant in the entire Middle East, with the UK and Europe previously supplying all plastic bodywork in the region. ILUS intends to replicate this plastic vehicle body production capacity at a new plant in the United States to be established in the third quarter. Currently, the majority of American trucks are still made from metals.

In order to support its rapid growth, the company has recruited a number of key employees and continues to identify and attract more exceptional talent. Following the recent appointment of an experienced Managing Director for UK and Europe, ILUS is in the process of recruiting a Managing Director for the Middle East, as well as five engineers for the Dubai plant. In addition, a specialized EV engineer is being recruited to further develop and support the deployment of the E-Raptor in the US market and worldwide distribution. ILUS is also seeking a Technical Director for the plant in the United States and is in the process of appointing a Fixed Systems Director to accelerate the certification of its fixed firefighting systems, including the long-awaited kitchen system.

As the second quarter has barely ended, the accounting team is making every effort to ensure that the group’s financial statements are consolidated on time in order to meet the quarterly filing deadline. Although its two main markets are on lockdown, ILUS generated nearly $ 3 million in revenue in the second quarter, keeping the company on track to meet its forecast of $ 15 million to $ 20 million annual revenue rate. by the end of 2021. ILUS is targeting a Revenue Execution Rate of $ 50 million by the end of 2022.

After working with Canadian authorities for several months, ILUS management successfully lifted the Canadian cease trade order to allow Canadian markets to trade in ILUS shares. The company is currently working with the transfer agent and his attorneys to improve the share structure, canceling some shares and removing or reassigning other shares. Once this is finalized, the CTA will be updated and should show an improved outstanding share structure.

In association with the company’s strategic partner, ILUS coin was successfully launched and listed on a decentralized PanCake Swap and centralized LA Token exchange. The coin’s subscriber numbers and popularity are increasing now, after a rough ride that saw the crypto market (Bitcoin Dodge and Ethereum) hit an all-time high at launch, and then crypto prices plummet. The partnership has worked well and the company expects it to flourish in the second half of the year.

While the world is still feeling the pressure from Covid-19, many countries are making great strides in their immunization programs and are starting to return to more normalized trade for the second half of 2021. In recognition of this, ILUS is in the process of book a series of exhibitions, roadshows and demonstrations for the end of 2021 and until 2022. Roadshows and demonstrations are essential to gain traction and be adopted in new markets. ILUS has already confirmed that it will exhibit at Intersec Dubai in January 2022, at the FDIC in Indianapolis in April 2022 and at the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham in September 2022. Many more events and roadshows are planned as the company seeks to let the talk. products. themselves when demonstrated.

Anticipating a solid second half of the year, with growing revenues, acquisitions, a US facility and improved operations, ILUS is focusing on marketing and public relations for the remainder of 2021. Additionally, all companies of the group are currently bidding on substantial contracts, which are expected to be awarded in the third quarter.

ILUS CEO Nicolas Link commented: “The second quarter was a period of consolidation, during which we came together after a turbulent first quarter. From the outside it may seem that few scores have been added to the table, but in fact this second quarter has been a vital period in building the foundation for the business to catapult it into what we believe to be a second half. epic of the year. The third quarter is expected to take off with acquisitions expected in the first half of the period, and we’ll build exponentially from there. “

For more information on the companies, please see their communication channels:

Website: https://ilus-group.com

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