NEWSPORT DAILY-Lack of affordable housing exacerbated by sale of Dougies Backpackers Resort

The amount for the sale of the property, on just over two acres (or 0.8 hectares) of prime land, was not disclosed.

Mr Yarr respectfully declined to comment on the sale, except to say he was in talks with the new owners to ‘work out how this can continue as a going business’.

Terms of sale may include keeping the resort and its accommodation “as is” for at least one year before any changes are made or rebuilding begins.

Mr Yarr feared there had been a lot of ‘factless and such’ social media comments since news of the impending sale spread through Port Douglas.

“Dougies is playing an important role in providing low-cost accommodations to vacationers and hospitality industry workers looking for affordable housing until domestic and international travel resumes,” said Lynn Malone, QSIR marketing and sales agent, at the time of commercialization of the business.

“While many businesses struggle to remain viable, Dougies is well positioned for rapid growth and located in a five-star development site.”

The hostel-style resort has been recreated to target hotel workers and vacationers. There is accommodation for 140 people with a range of bungalows, tents and shared rooms.

Facilities include a visitor center, restaurant, bar, beer garden, cafe and shop, swimming pool and projection screen to host sporting events and movies.

At the time Dougies were brought to market, Mr Yarr said: “Over the past 23 years it has been a rewarding experience for Heather and me as owner-managers of Dougies. Now is the time for the next phase of our lives as we make time to travel and for me to polish my golf game.

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