Nearly 600 families in social housing by the end of the year

Social Housing Minister Roderick Galdes said that, by the end of the year, around 581 families who requested help from the Housing Office will obtained accommodation through the Nikru biex Nassistu scheme.

Through this program, vacant housing is used for social purposes. So far, 330 families now have a roof over their heads of to this system, which will increase to 773 families by 2022 and 884 families by 2023.

Minister Galdes explained how the social policy being developed seeks to create value from this social contribution. “The hundreds of homes we’ve donated so far and will continue to donate are the value we create from unused and vacant homes,” said Minister Roderick Galdes.

This scheme helped reduce the number of people in need of alternative housing, from 3,288 in 2017, to 1,900, before the allocation of new social housing from the end of the year.

Minister Roderick Galdes explained how the ggovernment possesses regulated the rental sector to make it safe and stable, while wanting to lead by example. This device offers an alternative investment model for owners while offering housing to residents.

“The success of the initiative shows that there is confidence in the system that the gthe government offers, but it also shows that our country is endowed with individuals who want to contribute with their wealth if given the right opportunities ”, declared the Minister. Galdes.

Housing Authority CEO Leonid McKay spoke at the press conference, explaining how the program has attracted hundreds of homeowners. the Nikru biex Nassistu has considerably strengthened the resources of the Housing Authority by eliminating much of the risk of owners. This is all the more true since it is the Régie du Logement which assumes responsibility for maintenance, undertakes to return the property in the state in which it was originally obtained., and ensure proper rent payment in advance.

Nikru biex Nassistuis just one of a series of solutions and a wide range of services offered by the Housing Authority, which helps provide adequate housing alternatives to those facing different challenges, McKay said.

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