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As Delta’s severe outbreak continues statewide, the Victorian government is ensuring that more struggling Victorians during this difficult time have access to the mental health and wellness support they need.

In addition to the $ 225 million the government has already provided to support the mental health of Victorians throughout the pandemic, an additional investment of $ 22 million will provide timely and responsive care to those in need, thereby reducing the burden on emergency services as the number of coronavirus patients increases.

This pandemic has shown us all the important role our local communities play – and this new package will establish local and accessible services to support the mental health and well-being of thousands of Victorians near them.

A $ 13.3 million investment will provide 20 pop-up community mental health services – with around 90 dedicated clinicians providing an additional 93,000 hours of wellness checks and counseling to several thousand Victorians in need of support.

The pop-up centers, which will be provided by trusted community health providers such as Mind, cohealth and EACH, will gradually open from the end of September in Melbourne and the Victoria region, with a dedicated hotline for triage and orientation and a website that will be set up in the next few days so people can start making appointments.

This investment in the well-being of every Victorian also includes dedicated support for specific groups who may be at higher risk for isolation or mental health issues as a result of the pandemic.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are less likely to engage in traditional mental health services early, will receive $ 4 million in support from community-controlled Aboriginal organizations to determine for themselves the best response. and most culturally appropriate to the mental health and wellness needs of their local communities.

$ 1 million investment will expand Triple P parenting programs, supporting more than 20,000 Victorian families with children suffering from anxiety, while $ 1.2 million will increase the capacity of leading LGBTIQ + community organizations, including Switchboard , Thorne Harbor Health and Drummond Street Family Services.

An additional $ 1 million will help mental health staff better respond to trauma patients, and $ 1.5 million will enable Royal Children’s Hospital, Vichealth and key partners to better support groups of children and children. most vulnerable young people, now and in the future.

In addition to this additional support, an investment of more than $ 300 million from the Victorian Budget 2021/22 began rolling out this week to deliver 14 new essential mental health services to infants, children and adolescents – a key recommendation of the Royal Commission on the Victoria Mental Health System.

This year alone, this unprecedented investment will support 1,149 additional infants, children and youth and their families with the tailored support they need, increasing the capacity of our youth services by 14%.

Based at hospitals in Metropolitan Melbourne and the Victoria region, the services provide specialist care for high-risk cases and help with early intervention treatment for children and youth with mild and mental health issues. moderate.

As stated by Mental Health Minister James Merlino

“We are not wasting a moment implementing the massive reforms recommended by the Royal Commission for Mental Health Services in our state – but we know the pandemic has increased immediate demand, so we are investing to ensure that more Victorians have access to the support they need. at present. “

“Our local communities have been so vital in supporting us over the past 18 months – and these innovative local pop-up mental health services will provide the support people need, close to their homes.”

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