Mom in temporary accommodation is heartbroken after council puts her house on the market

A mom who lives in temporary accommodation says she “begged” the local council for a house – only to find the one she now wanted to sell.

Angela Carribine had to give up her dogs and cats after moving to a new address, and says she has been “stuck in a rut” since her mother died in December.

Angela looked after her mother until her death and hoped to secure a home in the town where she has lived for six decades.

But that dream all but died out after finding out that the house she was looking for had been listed for £ 110,000.

Old Colwyn’s Angela Carribine (nee Thomas) outside the house she lived in while caring for her mother.
(Image: Hadyn Iball / North Wales Live)

Angela says the situation breaks her heart and is stunned to learn that the house she wanted is being sold by the housing association, despite the number of people living in temporary housing in the area.

The registered social owner claims the house is “no longer fit for purpose” and claims to have earmarked the money from the sale for more new homes in the area, according to a report from North Wales Live.

Angela currently lives in temporary accommodation in Llandudno, North Wales, with her son after having to give up his pets.

But she said the prospect of having to live outside her hometown of Old Colwyn “breaks her heart.”

Speaking to North Wales Live, Angela said: “I grew up in Old Colwyn and have lived there all my life with my family.

“My brother and I lived with my mother and looked after her in our family home, where she lived for over 80 years.

“Unfortunately, five years ago my brother passed away, so I had to stop working to take care of my mother and breastfeed her at home, that was his wish and I was proud to do so. .

“Last December my mother passed away in my arms and I was told that my son and I had to leave the house because it was in her name.”

Ms Carribine and her son were first placed at the Maine Hotel in Old Colwyn, which at the time housed homeless people.

They have since been moved to temporary accommodation in Llandudno while her dogs and cats live with her friend in Old Colwyn.

“It breaks my heart not to be near my family in the city where I grew up and to know nothing more,” she added.

“I have encountered several vacant properties in the Old Colwyn area and when I contacted City Council for an update on my situation I was told, ‘It doesn’t work that way. “

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“Recently a house became vacant and I knew it was vacant due to my friendship with the neighbor next door.

“Cartrefi Conwy recently went to the house renovating it, I called and begged and asked for this house and everyone in the village is aware of the situation I find myself in.

“Again I was told it didn’t work like that and then sent me screenshots of the exact house on the real estate market for a ridiculous price.

Angela Carribine outside the house she lived in while taking care of her mother
Angela Carribine outside the house she lived in while taking care of her mother
(Image: Hadyn Iball / North Wales Live)

“The number of people being homeless keeps growing and I currently live in temporary accommodation that Cartrefi has hosted me in, so they are more than aware of what I need.”

A spokesperson for Cartrefi Conwy, the social landlord who renovated the house, said: “There is an unprecedented demand for social and affordable housing locally and nationally.

“We allocate all of our housing through the SARTH (Single Housing Access Route) registry and housing is allocated based on housing needs and the length of time the applicant is registered.

“Regarding the property on Berth y Glyd, this home is now on the market as part of our active asset management strategy.

“This means that we are getting rid of some of our homes that are no longer fit for purpose and that are not economically viable.

“As part of this strategy, when selling one of our homes, we make sure those homes are for Conwy residents and first-time buyers.

“The money from these sales is earmarked for building new homes.

“In fact, we recently built 10 three and four bed properties alongside Berth y Glyd in Old Colwyn.”

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