Midnight Hunt’s Most Valuable Cards, Explained

Magic: The Gathering returns in Innistrad’s gothic horror blueprint in the all-new Innistrad: Midnight Hunt together, the first of two expansion sets for the aircraft coming this year. Early glimpses made it clear that classic Innistrad tribes and game mechanics would return, and Midnight huntFull spoilers have confirmed that the plane is back in great shape.

This set is filled with exciting and tasty maps of all colors, supporting all ten archetypes for Limited Booster Draft sessions. Collectors and gamers looking to buy singles will also want to know which Midnight hunt cards are the most valuable and prepare accordingly. Prices may fluctuate on outings, but for now, the prices shown on M: TG Goldfish are good indicators of which cards will be true hunting rarities. It’s also worth noting that the extended versions of these cards tend to be more valuable.

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Midnight Hunt White Cards

A few white boxes in Midnight hunt are particularly valuable, proving that white mana still has a lot to offer. Fearless adversary belongs to the five-card cycle of the Mythical Rare with pseudo-multi-kicker, and this Human Scout currently costs $ 6.18, the highest of any white card in Midnight hunt. Fateful absence is another $ 4.33 value card, a flexible and inexpensive suppressing spell for any format that offers the opponent a single Clue token as a consolation prize.

Defeat the Horde is a plank that costs {1} less for each creature on the battlefield, making it the white mana version of Blasphemous Act. It is currently worth $ 3.99. The last is Sigardian Savior, a rare and mythical angel valued at $ 3.49 who can serve as a smaller flying solar titan by bringing back two creatures with converted mana cost / mana cost of 2 or less and returning them from the graveyard immediately battle.

Midnight Hunt Credit Cards

Several blue cards stand out, including the legendary creature Ivy, Disciple of the Drowned, who can serve as a good commander. It flashbacks all instant and sorcery cards in the graveyard to generate a massive card advantage while stopping any countermagic, resulting in a prize of $ 11.99. Then there is Poppet stitcher, a rare Mythic Transformer that can create 2/2 Zombie Tokens and transform into a Poppet Factory to upgrade those zombies and transform again if you want to. It is currently worth $ 6.93.

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Flood of memory is a cheaper card with flashback, which can dig deep into the library to find answers and use flashback to redo it. M: TG Goldfish has it at $ 1.99. Finally, there is Spectral Adversary, part of the multikick cycle, valued at around $ 5.84. It has a rare and special effect, phasing, which can remind veteran players of the early days of the game.

Midnight Hunt Black Cards

The most expensive black card in Midnight hunt is by far The Meatook Massacre. It’s a legendary enchantment that weakens all creatures when it enters the battlefield – and can kill most. She will also gain her controller life while opponents lose some, so this card costs $ 15.99. There is also Corrupted opponent, the third entry in the multikicker cycle, which can get + 1 / + 1 counters and make a lot of Zombie tokens. It is worth $ 6.58.

Champion of Peris, meanwhile, is a smaller zombie that grows larger as friendly zombies enter the battlefield, and is worth $ 3.99. The last is Jerren, corrupt bishop, a legendary creature that can transform if its control has 13 hit points, and become Ormendahl, the Corruptor, a powerful flying demon. This card is currently worth $ 3.99.

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Midnight Hunt red cards

Two red cards in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt are very valuable, starting with Moonsail Regent, a 4/4 dragon that can easily discard and draw lots of cards to refresh the hand, then deal damage to any target when it dies. All of this justifies its price tag of $ 10.99. The other high value red card is Bloodthirsty Adversary, a rare and mythical vampire who also belongs to the multikick cycle, valued at $ 6.99 due to his ability to cast instants and rituals from the graveyard for value.

Phoenix sunbeam can change the day / night cycle and return from the graveyard to the battlefield as the days and nights change. It’s only worth $ 1, but it represents Dawn’s Hope for the humans of Innistrad. Then there is Smoking egg, a 0/4 Defender who can transform once enough instants and sorceries are cast and becomes Ashmouth Dragon. It’s only worth $ 0.70, making it a rare budget to pick up for Commander decks that cast a lot of instants and sorceries.

Midnight Hunt Green Cards

Wrenn and seven, a new green Planeswalker, is Midnight huntthe most valuable card of all, with an impressive price tag of $ 26.39 due to its four abilities and synergy with land cards. The second most valuable green card is Unnatural growth, a colorful enchantment that doubles the power and toughness of all allied creatures to create massive attackers over and over again. It has a price of $ 9.99.

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Then is Primal Adversary, the latest entry in the multi-hit cycle, a 4/3 wolf with trample that can transform friendly lands into 3/3 wolf creatures that are still lands. It is worth $ 6.43. Another notable green card is Autumn augury, a human druid who can look at the top card of the library and play lands from there, just like Courser of Kruphix. With Coven Online, he can also cast creature spells from the top of the library. All of this makes Augur of Autumn worth $ 6.59.

Multicolored Midnight Hunt Cards

Several multicolored cards in Midnight hunt all command impressive price tags, starting with Tovolar, formidable overlord, a legendary multicolored werewolf. It can draw extra cards when wolves and werewolves deal damage to players, and its back can pump out friendly creatures. Tovolar is currently worth $ 10.46. Arlinn, the hope of the pack is another card compatible with werewolves, a planeswalker that can transform and generate constant value. Arlinn is worth $ 19.15.

Another precious Planeswalker in Midnight hunt is Teferi, which slows down the sunset, who can draw cards, untap permanents, search the first three cards in the library for answers, and even gain life. This flexible planeswalker is currently worth $ 18.00. The last is Liesa, the forgotten archangel, a 4/5 Orzhov-colored shuttlecock that can gain life, return creatures to its owner’s hand when they die, and disrupt opponent’s graveyard strategies. It is worth $ 2.91.

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Midnight Hunt Artifacts and Lands

Among the artifacts of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, The Celestial is most valuable, a unique legendary artifact that can change day to night or night to day at the speed of sorcery, which can massively benefit some draft decks, especially tribal werewolf builds. He can also gain health and loot when day and night change, and tap for mana, and he’s worth $ 1.75 for his niche but remarkable abilities.

Midnight hunt also offers some interesting land, including land in transformation Hostile hostel, who can sacrifice enough creatures to transform into a 3/7 black artifact creature with notable abilities, including the ability to vanish. Hostile Hostel is currently worth $ 2.62.

Finally, there is a full cycle of ally colored dual lands that come in tapped unless the player has two or more other lands, which should make them very useful for the Commander format. Among them, Shipwreck swamp is the most valuable at $ 4.99, and Chute-de-roche valley is in second place at $ 3.79. The rest are all worth a little over $ 3.00.

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