Man found dead in downtown Belfast hotel rented by Housing Executive

A man was found dead on Wednesday morning at a hotel in downtown Belfast currently rented by the Housing Executive.

This death is not being treated as suspicious.

Police confirmed they “received a report on Wednesday of the sudden death of a man at a property in the Bank Street area of ​​Belfast”.

The PSNI added that “investigations are ongoing, however, at this time the death is not being treated as suspicious.”

Bob McCoubrey owns the Morne Seafood Restaurant, which is adjacent to the property where the death occurred.

Originally intended as boutique apartments, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) rented the building during the lockdown.

For two and a half years it has been used as temporary accommodation for homeless and vulnerable people.

Mr McCoubrey said he was informed of the death on Wednesday morning, arriving at his business premises. He said he had been in contact with the housing executive about the “chaos” that has ensued outside the property lately.

Chief Housing Officer Grainia Long said: ‘We were informed this morning of the tragic death of a young man whom we were helping by providing temporary accommodation and, working with others, to help provide a support.

“Our hearts go out to this man’s family and friends at this sad time.

“As with any serious incident of this type, we are working with the relevant authorities and will carry out our own review of the circumstances.”

She added: “Last year we assessed over 15,000 applications from people who presented as homeless and made over 9,000 placements in temporary accommodation.

“Our teams of experienced housing professionals are acutely aware of the extent of homelessness in Northern Ireland and the growing demand for temporary accommodation.

“There is a level of complexity to ensuring the right housing and support solutions and we are working with our volunteer and community partners to provide these services in extremely difficult circumstances.”

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