Luxury company Airbnb adds locations and classes to its offerings

MHM Luxury Properties makes travel experiences special with curated accommodations and thoughtful services.

MHM Luxury Properties, a hospitality company based in Athens, Georgia, is expanding its service offerings to provide more personal and authentic experiences for travelers. It adds new locations in the scenic mountain towns of Blue Ridge, Georgia, unveiling best-in-class accommodations and modern amenities for a truly unforgettable travel experience. Additionally, MHM Luxury Properties also announced the launch of a comprehensive online course, Airbnb on Autopilot, for hosts looking to get started in the rental business. This aligns with its goal of offering hospitality-focused yet real estate-focused services tailored to each owner’s assets.

“MHM Luxury Properties has grown our brand exponentially in a short time through an unparalleled customer experience and attention to detail. We are excited to add additional locations to our portfolio and launch our course which teaches potential investors and hosts how to start their own short term rental business,” says the MHM Luxury Properties team.

These new service additions are an active response to the easing of border restrictions and high demand for the company’s carefully designed and reliable accommodations. Blue Ridge offers many scenic spots and options for family excursions, retreats, romantic getaways, or even business trips.

The new accommodations go beyond the confines of typical hotels and hostels, with each space carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of each unique traveler. It offers exceptional hospitality from Airbnb Superhosts, trusted by hundreds of travelers.

As hosts are also at the heart of MHM Luxury Properties’ services, its Airbnb on Autopilot course is designed to give potential hosts and aspiring business owners expert knowledge on starting, growing and scaling. of their Airbnb business. It offers insider know-how on how they can run their rental business almost entirely on autopilot.

The course is led by Madeleine Raiford-Holland, owner of Airbnb Superhost and MHM Luxury Properties, and Kate Waldo Jones, systems expert and Kate Waldo + Co, owner. They offer unique insights and years of expertise that help rental property owners optimize their listings, streamline their income, and achieve financial freedom.

Since its launch, MHM Luxury Properties has remained true to its mission to redefine hotel service. It has amassed hundreds of five-star ratings, positive reviews, and a significant number of satisfied customers.

Looking forward to the next five years and its continued business success, MHM Luxury Properties says it will remain consistent in providing services with transformative benefits to the local community and travelers around the world.

Discover MHM Luxury Properties’ service offerings here:

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