LOTI looks at digital inclusion in temporary accommodation

The London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) has started looking at how to improve digital inclusion for people living in temporary accommodation hostels.

He has published a market notice for support for a discovery project that will run from late September to December, saying he wants to identify a set of recommended interventions to ensure hostel residents are not digitally excluded.

This is part of the Innovation Agenda for Digital Inclusion, which LOTI is working on with the Greater London Authority (GLA) and stems from the latter’s Digital Access for All mission, which has set the goal of all Londoners having access good connectivity, digital skills and a device to be online by 2025.

One of the priorities identified by the boroughs of London is to fight against the digital exclusion of people living in temporary housing, who often lack Wi-Fi. There are also problems linked to unaffordable broadband contracts, with families having to share devices and disconnected from support networks.

LOTI indicates in the tender for discovery that it wants to identify quick wins and longer term opportunities, and aims to follow up on some practical steps.

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