L&G and Oxford Uni to offer new postgraduate accommodation


The new postgraduate accommodation – Court Palace Gardens – is the first residential site to be delivered under the partnership and when completed will provide 84 much-needed postgraduate accommodation.

As one of the fastest growing cities, the city lacks affordable residential housing, which is essential for the University to continue to attract graduate students.

Court Place Gardens will help accelerate Oxford’s potential by creating more affordable, high-quality housing, enabling the university to retain and attract more talent to the city, which is a core ambition of the partnership.

Legal & General entered into a £4 billion partnership with the University of Oxford in June 2019, creating Oxford University Development (OUD) to provide thousands of new staff and student accommodation, incubators and university facilities.

Court Palace Garden will be very energy efficient

The new postgraduate accommodation will be energy efficient, with air-source heat pumps and play areas for children.

The Grade II listed mansion will also be fully restored, with 13 study rooms and a common area, while the Gate Lodge will be refurbished to provide three private rooms for rent. The program is expected to be completed and ready for occupancy for the 2024/5 academic year.

A quality and sustainable diet

Anna Strongman, CEO of Oxford University Developments, said: “This is a fantastic milestone for the partnership and OUD as we see the first of our residential programs being developed.

“We pride ourselves on the high-quality design that responds to the site’s beautiful landscape and the project’s enduring merits, such as its fossil fuel-free nature.

“The development of Court Place Gardens will play a key role in the evolution of the city, creating much-needed accommodation to enable the city to reach and retain talent and enabling the University of Oxford to retain its status as world class.”

“Affordable and sustainable housing for the University”

Mike Coplowe, Senior Director of Development at Legal & General, said: “The development of Court Place Gardens marks the start of our residential ambitions with the University of Oxford, which is an essential first step towards creating more modern, affordable and sustainable for the University.

“We are extremely proud of our partnership with the University, which will help retain talent in the city while providing facilities for state-of-the-art research and innovation, as well as much-needed accommodation for key workers.

“By facilitating investment in regional towns across the UK, we are creating a virtuous circle in which pensions and savings are used to create positive social, environmental and economic outcomes that are in line with our commitment to capitalism. inclusive.”

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