Less than 1 in 10 home insurance quotes go to renters, according to website

Many tenants could end up out of pocket if they are broken into or have an accident with their belongings due to a lack of insurance, a website warns.

oCompare said less than one in 10 (7%) of home insurance quotes are from customers renting accommodation, despite around 16% of UK households living in private accommodation.

Homeowners ‘insurance tends to cover the building and possibly some content such as appliances and fixtures, but this usually won’t cover tenants’ belongings, the website said.

Many of those in private rental housing risk losing their pocketsRyan Fulthorpe, GoCompare

Contents insurance covers items that are not permanently attached to the property.

It can also include accidental damage coverage, as well as specific items such as jewelry or technology.

Ryan Fulthorpe, GoCompare home insurance, said: “Many of those who live in private rental accommodation are at risk of losing their pocket if they are broken into or have an accident with one of their valuables. . “

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