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Offering over 5,000 country holiday breaks, capitalizing on the growing British interest in nature-based travel

AUSTIN, Texas, May 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Over there, the US-based travel platform that invites people to reconnect with the natural world with its nature-based accommodation orientation, is launching its collection today in the UK. It offers 5,000, and more and more, accommodation choices across the country in an effort to take advantage of the growing interest in country vacations.

Over there was founded in 2018 by US Montana-based Tim southwell on the principles of connection, community and coexistence between people and the natural world.

As a permaculture farmer and owner of farm stays, Mr. Southwell was frustrated that traditional booking sites were not serving the farm stay community. This led him to discover the tremendous opportunity of a platform that not only connected clients to farms, but to a wide range of immersive experiences in nature.

Today, Yonder is bringing the same focus to the UK and is launching with more than 5,000 trips that bring travelers closer to nature. Thanks to the Yonder site and app, customers can now book overnight accommodation in country farms, cottages and glamping spots.

Properties shown include Country house lodges in Higher Wiscombe, a group of award-winning, eco-friendly holiday homes set in a secluded 52-acre valley just a few miles from Branscombe Beach in East Devon. Alternately, The mowing shed, former Dorn farm, in a single storey barn on a working farm in the Cotswolds. Or Hoe Grange Holidays, a group of self-catering chalets and a traditional gypsy caravan set on a Peak District farm.

“We are excited to bring the Yonder platform to the UK,” mentionned Bill lee, CEO of Yonder. “When we started this business in 2018, our main goal was to make it easy for people to find great places to stay so that they could reconnect with nature. Interest in this type of vacation has skyrocketed in the US and UK, especially during the Today people travel with greater intention and want to know both the history of the where they stay and the impact their trips will have on both the environment and local communities, ”added Lee.

Unlike most conventional booking agencies that ask travelers to sort through thousands of city listings, Yonder is a platform that exclusively offers rural experiences – so it’s easy to discover and book nature-focused accommodation. . Guests can search by availability and choose from a range of luxury budget accommodation including guesthouses, cabins, barns, cabins, treehouses, yurts, glamping and Moreover.

All properties on the Yonder platform are carefully vetted for access to nature, and over half of the properties that apply do not qualify for listing. Owners and operators are called Yonder Stewards because being a “ steward of the land ” reflects the commitment they have made not only to their properties, but to their customers as well.

Yonder aims to inspire all stewards to work to be more regenerator, not only to maintain but restore and regenerate the ecosystems that surround them. Stewards range from rural property owners to those who actively regenerate their local ecosystems and support their communities.

Similar to the US platform, Yonder UK is working on adding activities to its suite of offerings. Soon a full range of rural activities and experiences will be available and as varied as the production of goat’s milk soap, pop-up farm workshops, guided hikes, horseback riding, and more.

Yonder operates legally as a public utility, which means they place equal emphasis on profit creation and positive societal and environmental impact. Its modern operating standards allow them to offer a competitive 8% commission to its owners.

“In order to stay true to our mission, we are taking steps to shift to a regenerative business model and have gone so far as to legally commit to this goal through our status as a public benefit corporation,” said Lee. “We believe that experiencing nature-rich destinations not only inspires a deeper appreciation for the natural world, but also a greater sense of responsibility to protect it. We are delighted to activate our mission and our PBC operation model in the UK and beyond – we ‘I will expand to southern Europe later this summer. “

“Yonder offers some of the most competitive fees we’ve seen,” said Alistair Handyside, owner of Higher Wiscombe Holiday Cottages and president of the Professional Association of Self-Caterers (NOT C), “and they’re totally dedicated to supporting and giving exposure to rural accommodation, so these properties don’t get lost in the urban ad mix.”

In 2018, Yonder was founded on the principles of connection, community and coexistence between people and the natural world. Through the Yonder site and app, customers can discover and book overnight stays and activities at farms and other accommodations immersive in nature. United States, UK, and with plans to expand further into Europe 2021. A legally incorporated public utility, Yonder works to unite rural and natural tourism businesses around the world. For more information visit:

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