Lack of accommodation in Wicklow could be alleviated with the provision of a campervan park

COUNCILOR Paul O’Brien reiterated the important role an Aires RV site in Wicklow town would play in helping to tackle the lack of accommodation for visitors to the area.

he Labor Party member raised the issue at last Monday’s meeting of the Borough of Wicklow in March.

In August last year, Cllr O’Brien and Cllr Gail Dunne offered to set up an Aires motorhome site in the car park near the old Murrough station.

At the time, the two advisers suggested charging visitors €10 per night to stay in the park, with a maximum stay of three nights allowed. Facilities such as drinking water and a place where visitors can empty their chemical toilets should also be provided.

Cllr O’Brien wants the local authority to reconsider the proposals, particularly with the town of Wicklow running out of hotels.

“There is a lack of housing in the city and this is something we badly need. I think Aires Park is something we can do. It received a very good response when myself and Cllr Dunne first proposed it.

“We have had lots of people in contact who have campervans and would like to visit Wicklow. They are mostly retired with a few bobs in their pockets.

“I’m just aware that we lost last summer and Wexford are going ahead with their plans, and with all due respect to County Wexford, I don’t want them to get ahead of us.”

Cllr Dunne said: “There are areas in the town that would facilitate an Aires park and it would help create another avenue for people to stay in Wicklow when visiting the town.”

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