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In 2001, Launceston’s wife Kristy Chugg was 22 and traveling the world. After spending 12 months in Canada on a working holiday visa, Ms Chugg had taken a bus from Toronto to New York on the morning of September 11. In what she describes as a series of “sliding door moments,” her attempts to get to the Twin Towers to buy cheap Broadway tickets had been thwarted since arriving in Manhattan. “First I had a bottle of drink and left it on the bus, so I went back to get it,” she said. “Then I got the hostel and I pulled over and got my directions, but I’m not very good at following directions so I stopped to get my directions again. And at that point, someone pointed out that a plane had crashed into one of the buildings. We could see him in the distance. Ms Chugg said that at first she and the other onlookers were horrified, but assumed they were witnesses to a freak accident. “And then the second plane came in,” she said. “It was from afar. but you could tell what it was. Despite the pandemonium she had been plunged into as a young solo traveler, Ms Chugg reverently describes the week following 9/11. With airports closed and all flights canceled, she and the other young travelers from the backpacker hostel have returned to the city in mourning. “You would meet people who would love their loved ones, you see people losing it, hysterics on the streets, and people panicking because they didn’t have cell phones and couldn’t contact the people they wanted. ‘they knew who worked in those buildings. “” I think it helped me cope. You are more worried about the people around you and you think about how you would feel if it was your loved one in this building. “I think the media shows you the worst times, but being in New York you were part of the mourning and even though it was such a horrible thing, it was wonderful to see the city come together,” he said. she declared. watched in the streets to honor those who had died. “There were chalk notes written on the sidewalk and candles and it was nice to be a part of.” It was really like a funeral, we were part of saying goodbye and paying homage. “A week later Ms. Chugg managed to get a ‘I had planned to travel another six months but had to come home and hug my family,” she said. Ms. Chugg thanked Garry of Travel Land Launceston for giving her one of the first of the available flights to Australia. “I remember the flight we took off on was one of the first,” she said. landed, everyone cheered. “What do you think? Send us a letter to the editor:


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