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KARACHI: The city administrator said on Friday that the charter for granting university status to Karachi Medical and Dental College will be approved at the upcoming session of Sindh Assembly.

“If we don’t make our own decisions, other institutions will make the decisions and influence them. The college must operate autonomously and the decision must be subject to the approval of the governing body,” he said while chairing a meeting as chairman of the governing body of the Medical College and Dental Karachi.

City administrator Murtaza Wahab expressed concern about the mismanagement of the college’s financial affairs and called for an investigation.

“In the future, fees and other contributions will be collected by the bank,” he said and added that admission fees for foreign students should be collected in the form of payment orders.

Requests an investigation into the financial affairs of the college

Mr. Wahab mentioned that the admission of students from Dubai, Sri Lanka and other countries to the college has boosted morale.

“Students graduating from this college are now serving all over the world to their full potential, which is commendable,” he added.

The governing body decided that students, passed out or present, who had academic arrears would not receive original diplomas and certificates until they had paid all their dues.

It was also said at the meeting that a letter would be written to the University of Karachi and the Higher Education Commission to suspend the degree of the students who had graduated from the college without paying their arrears.

The governing body also decided to set up a committee consisting of members of the governing body, Shehla Raza, Kishwer Zehra and Dr. Farhan Issa, to provide scholarships to students.

Scholarships would be awarded after approval by the committee, which would be responsible for deciding on fee reductions and discounts.

The administrator said he had done his best to turn KMDC into a university as promised.

“The Sindh cabinet has approved to make it a university and the assembly would also accept it soon,” he added.

Mr. Wahab mentioned that students from all walks of life are studying in medical school and it is their duty to provide them with the best education. “The field of medicine is important because it is linked to human health, so we must create better ‘massihas’ of the future,” he added.

The governing body also approved the appointment of Dr. Nargis Anjum as the principal of the college on the basis of seniority as per the court ruling.

The administrator suggested that the governing body meeting be held every two months so that decisions could be made in a timely manner. The suggestion was unanimously supported by the members of the Board of Directors.

The meeting participants also discussed issues related to improved hostels, better transportation management for students, transparency of financial affairs and timely payment of college staff salaries.

The meeting was attended by Metropolitan Commissioner Syed Afzal Zaidi, KMDC Senior Professor Sultan Mustafa, KMDC Financial Advisor Imtiaz Ali Abro, Senior Director of Medical Services Abdul Hameed Jamani, Board Members Professor Qaiser Jamal, Kishwer Zehra, Shehla Raza, Prof. Farid A. Dayo, Mohammad Idrees, Dr. Zubeida Wasim Qazi, Dr. Farhan Issa, Dr. Akmal Waheed, Prof. Syed Shiraz Hussain, Prof. Dr. Jamaluddin and Prof. Dr. Syed Shah.

Posted in Dawn, March 19, 2022

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