Irregularities discovered in the food and accommodation provided to healthcare professionals

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Tamil Nadu’s health department uncovers irregularities in the food and accommodation provided to government health professionals.

The government of Tamil Nadu is providing food and accommodation for doctors who have been treating Covid patients in all public hospitals for a year and a half as they have to undergo treatment for a week and a quarter of isolation from a week. The government hired local food vendors and private accommodation providers to provide food and accommodations for the doctors.

As there were several complaints raised by doctors and other health professionals regarding the quality of the food provided to them, the health department opened an investigation under the leadership of Dr. SenthilKumar IAS to investigate the allegations in all the districts.

During their investigation, health ministry officials found that local entrepreneurs were charging exorbitant fees for food purchased from local caterers in the districts and then distributed it to health professionals and also found that the food were not of the quality that the contractors promised.

Explaining the irregularities, Health Minister Ma. Subramanian said entrepreneurs charge between 550 and 600 rupees per day per person for the provision of food and 900 rupees per day for stay in private accommodation.

After this highlighting, the health department has now set prices for food by district. Now food contractors cannot charge more than 350, 375 and 400 rupees fixed according to districts and 750 rupees in the same accommodation which charged 900 rupees per night.

Health Minister Subramanian added that due to the measures taken by the department, the state is now saving 30 lakhs per day and severe measures will be taken against those involved in these irregularities once the covid situation is brought under control. .

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