Inam will participate in the first stop of the Beach Wrestling World Series in Turkey

KARACHI: The country’s premier wrestler and world king of beach wrestling, Mohammad Inam, will compete in the first leg of the Beach Wrestling World Series, which takes place May 28-29 in Ortaca-Sarigerme, Turkey.

The Gujranwala-born two-time World Beach Wrestling Championship winner and World Beach Games 2019 gold medalist is currently undergoing training in Lahore.

As he is also due to compete in the Commonwealth Games and the Islamic Games, he has focused solely on those two events, but also trains for an hour a day on the sand which has been managed by the federation for him in the area. from the PSB Coaching Center. Lahore.

“Yes, I will be taking part in the Beach Wrestling World Series in Turkey, as it is also a qualifying round for the World Beach Games next year,” Inam told ‘The News’ on Sunday.

Inam created ripples last year when he won back-to-back Beach Wrestling World Series gold medals in Italy after missing the first leg in France due to a visa issue.

“An arena has also been set up at the PSB Coaching Center and there I train for a while every day to get used to the beach wrestling environment. The rest is the same as running and gym training work for both wrestling genres,” said Inam, also a two-time Commonwealth Games gold medalist.

“Keeping in mind our international mat wrestling calendar, the first leg of the World Series of Beach Wrestling is very important to me. There are five legs of this event which also serves as a qualifier for the World Beach Games of next year. If I play in the first stage and if we train in Kazakhstan for the Commonwealth Games and the Islamic Games, I will skip the next three stages and then I will participate in the last stage in September in order to be on the list of top grapplers who will compete in the World Beach Games,” Inam said.

The second leg of the Beach Wrestling World Series will take place in Spain from June 18-19.

France will host the third stage from July 1 to 2.

Greece will perform the fourth stage from July 9 to 10.

The last leg of the series will be hosted by Romania in Constanta from September 3-4.

Inam will be in the 90 kilogram category in Turkey. At the Commonwealth Games and Islamic Games, he will compete in the 86kg, a weight class in which he has gold medals to his name at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in 2010 and the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast in 2018.

The heat wave in the country has made it difficult for wrestlers to train at the PSB Coaching Center in Lahore, but Inam said the situation will now improve as the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has decided to install air conditioners there. .

“There is intense heat, no doubt; it’s not easy to train in these conditions. We are grateful to the General Manager of PSB, Colonel (Retired) Asif Zaman and the Director of PSB Coaching Center Lahore Nasrullah Rana who decided to install air conditioners in the hall where we train and in the hostel where we stay. By tomorrow we will be in a comfortable position,” said Inam, who also picked up a bronze medal in Asian qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics in Kazakhstan last year.

He stressed that the government should sponsor wrestling training in Kazakhstan, which he said is absolutely “important” ahead of the Commonwealth Games and Islamic Games.

“It would increase our chances of medals at the Commonwealth Games and the Islamic Games if we had the opportunity to train abroad for a month and a half. We have already asked PSB and I am hopeful that DG PSB Asif Zaman will support us. If we train with quality wrestlers, it will help us learn and increase our chances of medals in back-to-back twin events,” Inam said.

The Commonwealth Games will take place in Birmingham from July 28 to August 8.

Turkey will host the Islamic Games from August 8 to 19 in Konya.

Inam said it will be a real challenge for wrestlers to live up to the Islamic Games poster without getting enough rest after competing in the Commonwealth Games.

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