Illegal occupants evacuated from government housing in J&K village; NC chief faces criticism for false narrative [details]

‘Controversial’ notice asking Kashmiri pundits to take office within two days; arouses outrage

The National Conference spokesperson has been criticized for his misleading tweet about the condition of some employees of the Prime Minister’s Special Employment Scheme (PMSEP) who were ordered by the Court to vacate government accommodation, which they had illegally occupied.

As local police helped relevant departments evacuate neighborhoods of illegal occupiers, National Youth Conference media officer Umesh Talashi shared a video on his Twitter account to “highlight the authoritarianism” of the authorities.

Illegal occupants evacuated from government housing in J&K villageby screenshot

“Unfortunately, the plight of Kashmiri Pandits under the current regime has further worsened. Families of KP employees live on the roads of Kashmir Valley. Received many distress calls from Vessue Migrant Camp. Urge HLG @manojsinha_ Sb to fix this ASAP. Worrying situation,” he tweeted.

Internet users reacted strongly against the leader of the NC for trying to spread a disinformation campaign on this issue.

“Please check out the full story before supporting these 27 strange families who brazenly broke every law in the book to take over these neighborhoods despite government housing. They must return to their old neighborhoods which they sold to their loved ones “, a user reacted.

Expensive @UTalashi They have already defamed the entire Kp community. Read the court order verbatim. They no longer have any shame. They’ve been putting up transit housing all these years, then illegally grabbing newly built housing, then going to court. Justice prevailed

— Balb (@balbthymus) July 21, 2022

The authorities acted under the direction of the Court

Rakesh, a social activist from Vessu migrant camp, told International Bussiness Times that some unscrupulous elements are trying to create a false narrative of the whole episode. He strongly defended the action of the authorities to evict the neighborhoods of illegal occupants.

“Of a total of 3,500 employees appointed under the Prime Minister’s scheme, only 1,200 were given accommodation. New quarters were built to provide accommodation for the remaining employees, but some employees illegally occupied these quarters,” did he declare.

Zahid Sajjad, nodal officer appointed to address grievances of all Kulgam District Prime Minister’s Package employees, said he was unaware of the incident. “Perhaps steps have been taken to evict the homes of illegal occupants under the orders of the Court, but I am not aware of any such incident,” he said.

High Court J&K

High Court J&K

Court previously asked authorities to immediately evict unauthorized occupants

On July 6, the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh dismissed petitions filed by migrant workers who are under unauthorized occupation of new residential quarters at Vessu transit camp.

The court ordered the authorities to evict them using the force necessary to accomplish a non-violent eviction if they do not leave within a week.

The bench headed by Judge Sanjeev Kumar also ordered the concerned SHO to register the FIR and investigate the case, as reported by Tehsildar Relief and Rehabilitation (M) Srinagar.

In addition, the employers of unauthorized occupants were left free by the court to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the claimants for misconduct.

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