IIT Roorkee asks students and staff to leave campus amid second wave of COVID

IIT Roorkee Calls on Students and Staff to Leave Campus Amid COVID | & nbspPhoto credit: & nbspRepresentative image

The Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Roorkee, has called on students and staff to leave campus amid the second wave of COVID. According to the latest updates, IIT Roorkee has asked uninfected staff and students to vacate the hostel by April 21, 2021 and return to their hometown.

On April 19, 2021, IIT Roorkee announces that in view of new daily positive COVID 19 cases from students and support staff reported in hostels, students and project staff are not advised to continue to stay in hostels. Therefore, students and project staff in hostels without containment were urged to return home on the evening of April 21, 2021.

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IIT Roorkee has also arranged for internal RT-PCR testing for its students and staff living in states that have required a negative report before entering their borders. The official statement read: “Students whose states require an RT-PCR report for entry are tested today, and their reports will be available by tomorrow, April 20, 2021.” The official IIT Roorkee website is iitr.ac.in.

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The Dean of Student Welfare also issued a letter of support to facilitate travel for students and staff to their hometowns. According to the latest updates, IIT Roorkee is advising students and staff to leave campus in the midst of the second wave of COVID. However, students and staff are advised to continue checking the official website for more updates on COVID 19 guidelines for the IIT Roorkee campus.

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