How to save money on accommodation on the go

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It’s pretty easy to save on accommodation on the go when you get off the beaten track

You may already know how to save money on road trips by packing your own food and budgeting overall for your trip. But it’s easy to overlook another easy way to cut spending on your next vacation: accommodation. Here are some tips to help you lower the cost of accommodation when planning your next getaway.

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Avoid high season

Find out when your destination is low season, as recommended by Downtown Hotel Service & Travel Guides. Accommodation prices are considerably lower during this period than in the high season when tourist traffic is the most important.

Choose a room without a view

For a low-budget road trip, avoid a hotel room with a panoramic view. Whether the view is of the ocean, a mountain range, or an urban skyline, it usually comes with a hefty extra price tag, as Downtown Hotel Service & Travel Guides points out.

Go with a hostel

Hostels aren’t just for backpackers – they’re budget accommodation for any frugal traveler who doesn’t mind sharing space with fellow travelers. Most rooms are shared, although you can usually pay a modest extra for a private hostel room, says Sarah Schlichter of Smarter Travel. Common areas like bathrooms and kitchens are almost always shared, so make sure you’re comfortable with this arrangement before booking this type of accommodation.

Choose a vacation rental

Vacation rentals can be another cost effective alternative to hotels when traveling by car. Two of the most popular vacation rental platforms are Airbnb and Vrbo, although there are plenty of other property rental places you can check-in depending on where you go. Rentals are especially great if you’re traveling with your family and need something spacious with a kitchen and laundry facilities, Schlichter explains.

Check out this article for even more ways to save money on a road trip. And consider installing one of these apps to further reduce your travel costs.

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