How This Hostel in Warsaw Gets the Hostel Vibe

Hostels are much more than cheap accommodation. If it’s a hostel, then either the hostel is wrong or the traveler is wrong. The hotels are energetic and full of life – not just for partying. Hostels are places to socialize and meet other interesting people from all over the world where everyone is instantly friends.

Safestay in Warsaw – the Polish capital is an example of a great hostel with a great vibe. Hostels around the world have very different flavors – the Fabrika Hostel in Tbilisi, Georgia is another example of a hipster hostel with a great vibe (it occupies an old factory). Although Fabrika Hostel is expensive with food and drink and does not tolerate outside food or drink.

Stunning location and grand historic Safestay building

“It really is the perfect place to have a base in a big city and work remotely. With ample space and excellent WIFI in our rooms as well as in the lounges, bars and restaurants, you will really feel at home. comfortable and at home.”Safestay Hotel

Safestay has great staff who are very helpful in helping customers with any questions they may have. The best location is right in the beating heart of the old town. Outside the hostel are the old cobbled streets and about 300 meters away is the central square of the historic town.

  • Location: In The Beating Heart Of The Old Town

Historical landmarks along the street include the Presidential Palace, Potocki Palace, University of Warsaw, St. Anne’s Church, St. Joseph’s Church, and Adam Mytskevych Monument, to name a few- one.

Safestay fosters an atmosphere of friendliness and community. It’s a great example of why solo travelers should choose hostels over AirBnBs. How good they are, they have a superb review with 9.5 stars out of 10 on out of an impressive 2,562 reviews.

  • Evaluation: 9.5 stars on

The hostel has a 24/7 reception and a range of quality accommodation with comfortable beds and all the comforts one could hope for.

Directly out front is a bus stop with regular direct buses to Central Station (only about 10 minutes by bus) and to the international airport.

  • Bus: Bus from central station and airport to front door of hostel

The building itself spans 4 stories out of a historic 5 story building (there is also an elevator for those too tired to take the stairs.

Backpacker and digital nomad guests and the hostel vibe

The hostel attracts a very diverse and interesting crowd from all over the world – from backpackers to true global digital nomads. The common area on the top floor has a workspace for digital nomads with plenty of workspaces. In the evening, the atmosphere is electric with many people partying and socializing.

  • Workspace : There is a relaxing workspace in the hostel

Music plays more or less throughout the day and adds a relaxing atmosphere to the ambience.

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Kitchen, Bar and Restaurant

They have a bar serving the basics – like quesadillas, hummus with pickles, salads, and burgers.

  • Menu: Basic options (at a very good price)
  • Drinks : Mostly beer and wine

They serve beer and wine and the wine they offer is much cheaper than the restaurants outside the hostel in the rather expensive old town.

This is important as many hostels seek to make more money from their restaurant and bar by more or less banning outside food and drink. It’s always bad for the vibe of the hostel where most people stay are backpackers who count a penny. So, if one can afford the cost of his, one can be sure that one can also still within his budget when it comes to eating and drinking.

They offer breakfast for those who have included breakfast as part of their reservation. They have a very large communal kitchen (for a hostel) where guests are free to cook their own food.

  • To eat lunch: Depends on his booking selection

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Hosting options and other branches

They offer a selection of dorms with shared bathrooms and private rooms with en-suite bathrooms. They have options of 4, 6 and 8 bed mixed dorms and private rooms with bathrooms.

  • Lodging: Dorm and private room options

If one likes the vibe and flow of Safestay Hostel Warsaw, then check out their other branches in Europe – including the UK, Italy, Slovakia, Portugal, Germany, Austria and more. others. These other hostels have very different names but are part of the same group.

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