How many people are on leave in the hospitality industry?

Pubs in England have been closed for take out services as part of the country’s third national lockdown.

Accommodation and food services peaked at 1.65 million jobs – in reference to an individual and their “job” – on leave on April 10, just before the beer gardens reopened.

Government statistics show that there were 1.19 million jobs on leave as of February 28, declining until March to reach a provisional estimate of 1.06 million as of March 31, 2021.

The sector, which includes hotel companies, had the highest participation rate as of February 28, with 70% of eligible employers putting staff on leave.

That figure has fallen to 67% of employers as of March 31, 2021, according to provisional estimates, reflecting the country’s gradual reopening of the company. This means that the accommodation and food services sector saw the largest drop in leave-related jobs, at 129,800.

Local savings

HMRC also released data on the number of people on leave by area and sector, highlighting the impact of the hospitality closure on communities across the UK.

Across all countries and regions except Northern Ireland and the West Midlands, the accommodation and food services sector had the highest number of laid-off jobs as of February 28.

This was followed by the wholesale and retail industry.

The tentative date showed the situation to be the same as March 31, except in the West Midlands, where the accommodation and food services industry now had the most jobs on leave.

In London, a quarter (25%) of jobs on leave were in the hospitality industry as of February 28, a provisional estimate of 26% as of March 31, 2021.

The holiday program is expected to end at the end of September 2021, it was announced in Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s March 3 budget.

Great career

Pub operators have reported staffing challenges, including resignation of staff due to a change in lifestyle and recruitment challenges after Brexit.

British Beer & Pub Association Managing Director Emma McClarkin said: “Even before the crisis pubs in some areas were struggling to find staff with the skills they needed, especially chefs and staff. of the kitchen. recovery, some found that staff had moved or overseas.

“The June 30 deadline for establishment status in the EU could also increase pressure on pubs struggling to find staff.

“With the pubs reopening, it has meant in some cases that they have had to hire again.

“The fact remains that pubs and hospitality are a great career and you can go from bar staff to pub management very quickly. I encourage anyone interested in a career in hospitality to apply to one of its inhabitants. “

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