Homeowners set to win thousands of euros by renting homes in Limerick for the 2027 Ryder Cup

The owners of West Limerick are looking to cash in on the arrival of the Ryder Cup by renting out their homes for tens of thousands of dollars.

Some properties are listed for up to € 50,000 for ten days, about six years before the flagship golf event takes place.

About 300,000 expected visitors, both from the US and across Europe, are expected to land in West Limerick for the cutting edge golf event, which will take place at Adare Manor.

Those in the west of the country see the opportunity to make money, with many Limerick hotels already fully booked by US companies.

Hosting for Event (AFTE), a website specializing in hosting for major golf events, is currently sowing 11 listings for the 2027 Ryder Cup, priced from € 22,000 to € 50,000. Most are in Limerick, but there are also some in Co Tipperary and Co Kerry, with properties available for seven to ten nights.

A week ago, 17 properties were listed on the site, suggesting that some may already be purchased, six years before the event.

Rory McIlroy. File photo: David Davies / PA Wire.

AFTE is not affiliated with the Ryder Cup and also advertises properties for the US Open, Solheim Cup and other major golf events.

Brian Higgins, AFTE’s community manager, says many properties are being pulled up quickly, even though the event is six years away.

“I think our record so far is 10 minutes with a property being demolished, which shows the demand,” Higgins said.

He added that due to the lack of housing in the area and the fact that some hotels are full, “people will really have to rent their houses” if 300,000 people are to be accommodated.

Due to the cost involved and the short-term nature of the event, Mr Higgins said it would likely benefit private landlords looking to rent out their homes for a short period, rather than institutional landlords or fundraisers. ‘investment.

“People are really aware of what is coming,” said Mr Higgins, of the numbers that are going to descend into the city of West Limerick, claiming at previous events, such as Straffan’s, Kildare , in 2006, where “people need photo ID to access their own homes”.

Tony Wallace, head of property management at Rooney Auctioneers, says the prices are a direct result of the large number of visitors Limerick is going to receive.

“Such an opportunity brings an influx of people, both nationally and internationally, so the demand for quality accommodation in the short term would be quite high.

“There is only a limited number of accommodations, close to the event, and the rents will reflect that. So potentially, prices will stay in and around these figures, but the quality of the housing offered must be adapted, ”he added.

However, Mr. Wallace does not believe that this type of demand will have an impact on the current rental crisis affecting Limerick.

“I don’t think this will have an impact on the current rental housing shortage in the City and County of Limerick. If the Ryder Cup were to take place today, would it put more pressure? No, because where the shortage is is long-term housing, 12 months or more, so I think we’re talking about a different market, ”he added.

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