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Srinagar, June 5: As the authorities failed to resolve the dispute over the allocation of housing under the Prime Minister’s program for migrant pandits at the Kashmir Vessu migrant transit colony in Kulgam district , the High Court ordered the continuation of the stay on such an allocation of these districts until next appointment.
On May 28, the tribunal issued a notice to the Secretary of Government, Department of Disaster Management / Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (DMRRR), Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir, Deputy Commissioner for Relief and rehabilitation (migrants) and the camp in charge of assistance and rehabilitation of Tehsildar (migrants). Commander / Officer of the Domains, Vessu Transit Camp Kulgam at the request of 81 Migrant Pandits of Kashmir for the filing of a situation report bringing the real facts before the court had ordered, no attribution will be made on the accommodation quarters in question until then.
On June 1, the Court further ordered the Relief Commissioner to secure possession of the quarters in favor of beneficiaries beyond the occupation of quarters retained by others with the cooperation and support of the Deputy Commissioner and the SSP Kulgam.
After the adoption of the said directive, the Relief Commissioner ordered the probate officer to secure possession of the quarters in favor of the 24 real beneficiaries in accordance with the court’s directives. The Relief & Rehabilitation Commissioner Jammu, in accordance with these instructions, filed a compliance report with the court, claiming that he was unable to hand over the quarters to the beneficiaries because these quarters were illegally occupied by other people. .
“In view of the urgency expressed to the bar, that this case be registered before the vacation judge in the week starting June 14, 2021. The provisional instructions, if any, in force on the date, will continue to operate until the next date of hearing before the Chamber ”, ordered the judge Ali Mohammad Magrey.
The decree of January 21, 2021 allocating housing outside the property of the DMRRR department to PM Package employees is contested on the grounds that the housing is allocated to aspirants from another district. which is in total violation of current politics.
The injured parties alleged that the list of people to whom housing is provided was formulated without taking into account the criteria set out in the decree of 09.05.2018 and also did not respect the principle of rationality.
The injured persons thrown contest the allocation decree dated 21.01.2021 issued by the deputy commissioner of relief and rehabilitation (migrants) under which the housing allocations are made in favor of hundreds of people who are not residents of the Kulgam district outside the accommodation reserved for employees appointed under the Prime Minister’s Package.
Senior lawyer Faisal Qadri argued in court that the award process was ongoing in violation of the order of 05/09/2018 under which the criteria were issued for the allocation of residential housing to all these employees, because these authorities must strictly adhere to the Government Decree No. 29-DMRRR DE 2018 of 09.05.2018 relating to the allocations to be made in favor of these employees.
The aggrieved persons are the beneficiaries of an employment program formulated by the Government of India in the form of a special package commonly known as the Prime Minister’s Package for the Return and Rehabilitation of Migrants from Kashmir in the Valley of the Kashmir ”and therefore request the indulgence of this Court for the protection of the rights conferred on them by virtue of the aforementioned Package.
For the purpose of resettlement and rehabilitation of migrants from Kashmir, the Government of the Union of India has implemented various programs beneficial to members of the Kashmir migrant community, including providing employment opportunities for migrants from Kashmir. Kashmir in the Kashmir Valley with the aim of helping the migrant community return / resettle to their ancestral lands / homes in the Kashmir Valley.
In order to achieve the object and purpose of the Ensemble and with the intention of fulfilling / complying with the main features of the Ensemble PM program, the Government of India has made an arrangement to provide residential transit facilities for these employees in the Kashmir Valley, would include the provision of residential accommodation to such employees in the transit camps with all necessary appropriate arrangements.
In total, six of these transit camps have been made operational in six districts of the Kashmir Valley, including Ganderbal, Anantnag, Kupwara, Kulgam and Budgam. That the authorities, claimants alleged to derogate from the regime as provided for by the decree of 09.05.2018, issued an order of 21.01.2021 under which the list of employees was formulated to proceed with the allocation in their favor.
In terms of rehabilitation and resettlement policy, 512 residential neighborhoods are to be built to house 166 families of employees under the Prime Minister’s program in Vessu Kulgam and in the initial phase, the authorities had built 48 residential neighborhoods in Vessu Kulgam, which were suitable for the purposes of residence with respect to amenities for the residence and the rest of the quarters are still under construction and after their completion the same are to be allocated in favor of the employees.

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