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VIJAYAWADA: The state government has decided to cancel free accommodation for employees of the PA secretariat, the Assembly and the HoD offices. We learn that the government has issued an order specifying that free accommodation will only be provided until October 31, 2021. Subsequently, the installation of free accommodation in transit will be halted and employees have been asked to obtain their own accommodation from November 1st. , 2021.

After the Secretariat, Assembly and HoD offices moved from Hyderabad to various locations in Krishna and Guntur districts, the AP government provided free accommodation to employees. However, several employees have not yet transferred their families to Amaravati and are taking advantage of the free accommodation.

Although the president of the association of the PA secretariat and the president of the association for the well-being of women employees of the PA secretariat have asked the government to expand accommodation by free public transport to employees / outsourcing staff for an additional year – from August 1, 2021 to July 31, 2022 – the government has extended the installation. for another three months and advised employees to get their own housing from November 1. In fact, the government had decided to end free hosting from August 1. request.

Welcoming the government’s decision, an employee union leader said it made no sense to continue free accommodation for employees for years to come. “The government should have ended the installation long before. It is ridiculous on the part of the employees of the secretariat and the office of the chief defense officer to ask for an extension of free accommodation from year to year. How long does it take them to move to Amaravati? He wondered and felt that the government had finally made a good decision. When the government is unable to pay employees’ salaries on time, measures like this will reduce the pressure on the treasury, he said.

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