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RACE 1 (1000 M)

1 Cordyceps Six won the last start well, being surprised at 107-1. He’s the one to beat again with Apprentice Jerry Chau’s claim.

5 Determined makes his debut and looks set to shoot with lead jockey Joao Moreira astride.

6 Miraculous victory is better than his sixth start suggests.

2 Big Big Winner has a chance on the back of a sound test.

RACE 2 (1,200M)

10 telecom missiles led in a lawsuit and won. He could take a lot of catching up from the right gate.

1 dollar reward will enjoy the races in the weaker category, especially with champion jockey Zac Purton entered from a good gate.

12 For fun runs well, has good draw and low weight.

7 Focus is the next best.

RACE 3 (1200M)

1 Rock of Demons descends in rank. He drew well to seize every opportunity.

3 Regency Gem flew to an impressive victory two starts ago. He maintained his condition.

10 Ka Ying Brilliance runs well and the slits in the light.

2 jungle fire shouldn’t be too far away with Chau engaged.

RACE 4 (1,200 M)

1 Harmony Winner Winner can roll forward and take a lot of holds from the right gate.

9 fireball runs well and is favored by Gate 1 with Purton astride.

2 Vukan mixes up her form but showed a quality sparkle in her day.

6 it’s guts has the capacity. He will have gained a lot of experience from his first outing.

RACE 5 (1,200 M)

11 steel victory has an ideal draw. From the front, he could take a few catches.

2 glorious lover rarely has a bad race. He also drew well.

12 The best hero slits in the light and gets his chance.

10 sacred presentation shows improvement. It also has a beautiful door.

RACE 6 (1,400M)

12 Golden Four, who has a powerful finish, gets the chance to show what he’s capable of.

9 Plikclone is helped by the Purton reservation. He has a good door which improves his pretensions.

13 Viva Popcorn well closed there are two beginnings. With a race to his measure, he is able to do the same thing again.

7 super missions drew well and has claims.

RACE 7 (1,400M)

7 Inno Legend has closed several times this season. With the good run of Gate 4, he can finally put his best foot forward.

1 faithful baby made the step down in the rank. Purton is on board now and he looks set to give it a good try.

4 Gracylove is looking for consecutive wins. It seems well placed to take a new step.

10 Charizard well closed last time. It is open to further improvements.

RACE 8 (1,200M)

9 Master Eight scored an effortless victory from his debut. He is rising in rank but seems to have more than enough class to make up for it.

1 Bo Bo Regency is a double winner in his last three starts. He can understand.

4 Super Dobbin improves steadily as a lightly raced talent. He can go one step further.

7 The Golden Landscape debuts. It is worth to be included following a number of tidy essays.

RACE 9 (1,200M)

5 Run Run Cool attracted attention with an impressive test effort all the way on the land. It can translate this shape and be difficult to grab from the right door.

2 star man is looking for consecutive wins. He’s on the rise and seems to have a lot of scoring points on hand.

9 Seven heavens is on the seven day quick backup. He has run well on gravel before and remains a threat as the winner last Sunday.

11 Resolved, who finished third at the last start, is the second best. He enters without weight on his back.

RACE 10 (1,200 M)

8 Very proactive had a number of good runs on gravel. He commands respect with the very high form Karis Teetan astride.

3 beautiful bo bo is looking for consecutive wins. He is in sublime form and commands a lot of respect.

4 Harmony And Rich is on the quick save after prevailing in the midweek game. He has done well on earth and is blessed with an inner door.

2 Will, specialist in routes and distances, comes next.

RACE 11 (1600M)

14 Ultra-Express is looking for consecutive wins. He is a little sought after talent who seems more than capable of making the jump to class 3.

3 Everything for St Paul is the likely leader. He drew well and should run the race.

4 Serious bonding is looking for his third win of his last four starts. Again, he commands a lot of respect.

2 Beauty cut should improve at Sha Tin. He can bounce back.

  • Commentary courtesy of the Hong Kong Jockey Club

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