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Sexual harassment of women at work

Nagpur: In an unprecedented action against the vice-dean of Government Medical College (GMC) in Nagpur, the administration removed the officer from his post. The vice-dean, Dr Makrand Vyawahare, was fired following the suicide attempt of a student in the forensic pathology department of the Government Medical College (GMC). All of his 15 classmates met with the dean and made numerous other allegations against the head of their department. A student also accused him of sexual harassment, submitting a written complaint about it.

On Tuesday evening, first-year postgraduate student Nitin Sharnagat consumed several sleeping pills. He was saved since his friends found him in time and took him to the hospital. In a suicide note found in his bedroom and in the statement to the police, he said that Dr Vyawahare would often threaten to bankrupt him and that no one would be able to take action since he is linked to the minister of ‘Sudhir Mungantiwar State. His family also met with the college dean on Wednesday, demanding tough action against the doctor.

“Even when my son came home last week for Diwali, he was very upset. He had been telling us for a few months that he had been verbally assaulted and threatened by his head of department that he would fail the college’s internal exams. It was this behavior that prompted Nitin to take this step, ”said his father TD Sharnagat, principal of a university college in Bhandara. In his complaint to the college, he wrote that if strict action was not taken against Dr. Vyawahare, he would self-immolate himself in front of ministers coming to the city during the winter assembly of the state legislature.

Dean Dr Abhimanyu Niswade called an emergency meeting of the college council, which consists of the heads of all departments, following the complaints. It was decided to dismiss Dr Vyawahare from the post of Associate Dean, which he has held for a few months now. They have also decided to form a committee of inquiry with the members who will be announced on Thursday.

“The girl’s complaint mentions that Dr Vyawahare often touched her inappropriately, made indecent comments about her appearance and often asked her to accompany her to parties,” said a teacher who attended the meeting.
In September, Dr Vyawahare’s name appeared in another issue, where students decided to cancel the college’s Ganeshotsav midway through the festival. This was sparked by an incident in which he allegedly spoke indecently to a student about his dress. However, when the matter was examined by the college authorities, Dr. Vyawahare handed them a letter signed by members of the student council stating that he had not misbehaved with the students.

Not in good books
It is known that his fellow teachers and other students have also had several complaints against him. It is known that teachers and students complained about his words, while male teachers said he often used profanity during arguments, even going so far as to threaten to “ take care ” of him. them by its political connections.

Allegations against Dr Vyawahare
Has been appointed to several positions in the internal organization of the college and in the Association of Medical Teachers of the State of Maharashtra using his political influence

Threaten students with withholding signatures on documents or failing internal exams
He often spoke innuendo to students, made comments about their dress, called them alone in his room, etc.
The behavior with the female teachers was also indecent

Male college students complained of physical, emotional and verbal abuse

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